The Humor Specialist

Laughter is the best medicine.”

I for one don’t believe that. And no I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT mean that laughter is not good for heath. I know it is. But how can you associate something so good with something like medicine????? I mean, come on, medicine??? Really???

I hate medicines, at least the part where I am supposed to chug them down with a glass of water or drink them thinking of something nice even when they slide down my throat like snake slime. So I totally hate this comparison between laughter and medicine.

Laughter is pure and nice. It is something that lightens up your mind and purifies your soul. It can heal the baddest of broken hearts or a torn friendship. It can get rid of the extra flabs hanging around your musculature like jello. It can beautify you and make you favorable to people who at first didn’t like you. In short, laughter is the best thing in the world.

And I am talking about the good kind of laughter. The one which says that you have got a great sense of humor, not the one which brands you as a jerk because you find it hilarious that you waxed someone’s eyebrows off while they were sleeping.

So if you wish to laugh some more or just read something that will jerk your mind and bring a smile on your face just follow some of my favorite links below. 

6 Reasons the ‘Police Gazette’ is the Craziest Magazine Ever

Living with a Psycho: A True Story (Part I)

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Franks and Beans

Cleaning for Gentlemen



4 thoughts on “The Humor Specialist

      • Yeah, I quite literally read Cracked every day. I’m especially fond of and inspired by Seanbaby’s writing style (the guy who wrote the Police Gazette post you’re linking to)! My big milestone is getting an article published on Cracked eventually, fingers crossed!

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