Teacher Trumpets


Everyone has teachers who eat their brains raw (zombie references alert!). So here’s my way of getting rid of the frustration brought on by some priceless teachers I am never ever going to forget. So join me in my bitch fest against these wonders who just can’t get enough of themselves…

And remember: Comment if you have gone through such troubling times yourself. There is no better way of getting rid of anger than writing it out and letting the world hear it.

*Teacher Trumpets*

I have observed many people. I do that a lot since the ones around me bore me pretty fast with their constant jibber jabber about personal beauty and other irrelevant topics. They do give me a lot of ammunition for later blog updates but the ones who just keep on sending me truckloads of ammo are my dear teachers…(Read More)

*The Return of the Gene King*

People never stop amazing me. And sometimes the amazement is not a really nice way of starting your day (even if it is in the afternoon). And believe me when I say that I was so amazed last Tuesday that I was knocked unconscious halfway through it…(Read More)

*The Humbrella Syndrome*

Have you ever wished a person to go and get a makeover? I mean, a full inside-out makeover? No? Good for you (though I don’t believe you). Because I have. And believe me when I say that when you wish that on someone they are in serious need of a brain transplant along with the other bodily details…(Read More)

*The Air Kisser*

It’s amazing how bubbly and inquisitive students on the first day of college turn into morose zombies in a month’s time as if the whole world was resting on their shoulders. And most of the time it’s not because of the subjects but instead the superteachers whose range of powers primarily falls under the category of sleep induction…(Read More)

*Screecher Teacher*

Have you ever noticed that female teachers are the meanest of the lot? They appear to be sweet on the outside but underneath all that charm rests a vindictive serpent ready to strike out at you if you put one toe out of the line. And at times this alluring skin of theirs comes off even before you have committed any such heinous crimes…(Read More)

*Lessons in Velocity*

Life as a student can get very boring and monotonous in lecture halls, especially if the teachers are all alike except for the faces they wear. But every once in a while out of this stock of lullaby-singers arises one great man with the born capacity to reduce a class of sleepy humans into an army of raucous monkeys. And one such man did grace our classroom the last few weeks. Confusing? Then let’s make things simpler…(Read more)


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