Feminism and Speaking From the Heart

It has been over a year since I lasted posted something here. And I have wondered about that lack of interest periodically, until one day it dawned on me why.

The Spyglassviewer was begun at an age when I was very much a wide-eyed child. And though there are some posts that have a lot of thought-provoking content, most are rants that do not bring anything positive to the table.

I have grown a lot as a person over the last five years, and therefore, it seemed like the right thing to do to start a fresh blog. Only this time the focus will be on topics that truly matter. And what better way to do that than focus on feminism?

Feminism and the Death of Chivalry talks about the story of Feminism, its origins and subsequent evolution, and the changing dynamics between men and women.

Do give it a read and join in the conversation at the end.

Until I meet you again…


P.S. I am writing under the pseudonym of Valerie Black, which is the name I wish to be known for when I finally become an author.