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Are you a keen observer of the world around you? Do you have a great sense of humor? Are you a writer? If your answer to all these questions was a resounding “yes” then you are exactly what I am looking for.

If you have seen the world then you will know that it is a crazy place full of ordinary-yet-extra-ordinary people. I am looking for posts that follow that very line of thought. So if you can cook up a post that humorously or satirically projects something real life oriented then I welcome you as my guest.

The rules for guest posting on Spyglassviewer are pretty simple:-

1. The post must be a humor take on any out-of-the-ordinary observation in the real world. It can be about people, places, bullshit government policies, hilarious crashes…anything that has the potential to make someone laugh-out-loud or smile at the snarks. Hint: Comedy lists are the best.

2. The word limit is 800 words. And mind it, I am going to chop off words from the end if it exceeds…just kidding! :) 10-20 more words is just fine but hitting the 1000 words mark is not…unless it is so enthralling that I forget to count it on MSWord.

3. The post must not be racial or offensive in any way. Slangs are fine but abusive language is a strict no-no.

4. The author must send a 4 line bio. The more interesting the better.

5. I will give you two links for the post including the bio. Please make sure they do not link to any offensive or adult websites.

6. If published the guest blogger must subscribe to comments’ section and reply to the comments on the post.

For further details and bouncing ideas off me contact me through the form below.

Don’t forget to RSS or subscribe to Spyglassviewer. A little knowledge about what I usually post will go a long way towards acceptance of your submitted article.

Fill out the form!

2 thoughts on “Submit a Post

  1. I have an article that I’ve written for your site. I tried to “Fill out the form!” in the above link and got the dreaded, “Server not Found”. Maybe we should all form a search party and find the lost server! In the mean time, please let me know how to submit this article to you.

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