Guest Authors

Hosting guest posts is another aspect of guest blogging. Not only does it give you some reprieve from writing posts if you are otherwise occupied in real life but it also brings in new readers who follow your guest author.

Listed below are the guest posts I have hosted on Spyglassviewer in the order of most recent at the top. Humorous or not, they definitely are good since I do not accept mediocre work for my Spyglassviewer:-

1. 5 Reasons Why the Amazon Kindle is better than Books

War has been declared. It’s paperbacks vs. e-readers. Which team are you on? (Read more)

2. 5 Ways of Finding Humor

Laughing when you are relatively happy is easy. But try doing the same when you are feeling worse than a pair of sweats that haven’t been washed for ten weeks. (Read more)

3. 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like the Dentist

No one likes dentists, unless of course you are one (like me) and must put up with them every day. So here’s a list that will have you nodding your head in agreement if you are one of our unfortunate patients. (Read more)

4. Why Travelling Will Improve Your Writing

Ever been trapped in the dreaded writer’s block? Well, I hear that there is nothing better than travelling to unlock that jammed idea box inside your brain and get you inspired in a jiffy. (Read more)

5. 10 Things a Babysitter Never Wants to Hear

Babysitting is hard. If it isn’t poop storm then it will be tantrum rain. But what if the child under your watch utters these lines? Not good is all I can say. (Read more)

6. 5 Ways to Hurt the Environment

Who cares about saving the planet? We have thousands of other planets we can relocate to if this one dies, isn’t it? No? Well, if you wish to protect our one and only residence in this universe then you must read this piece. (Read more)

7. 5 Reasons Why Technology is Making us Dumber

Technology is there to decrease our efforts and increase our productivity. But has any of you considered the ill effects of such laziness on our precious brain cells which require daily workout if they are to stay clear of brain rust? (Read more)

8. Observations of a Driver

Driving high or driving low, you can always see something new on the road. Enjoy these observations that I am sure you must have witnessed sometime or the other in your life. (Read more)

9. The Day I Derailed a Train

Reminds me of that particular episode from Malcolm in the Middle where the family derailed a train by accidentally leaving their sofa on a train track. But is it a similar story or something of a vastly different nature? (Read more)

10. 5 Reasons Why We Can Never Quite Manage Our Money

Managing home expenses isn’t a piece of cake. Something or the other always turns up to break our resolution to save up. But it’s never too late to start afresh. (Read more)

11. If I Won the Lottery

A short poem to light up your day. Enjoy. (Read more)

12. What Smart People Do Before Taking Loans

Taking loans isn’t a walk through the rain – enjoyable. If you aren’t wise enough about some financial details then you just might end up landing yourself in a whole other world of trouble. (Read more)

13. How To Spend a Million Dollar Lottery Win… or Not.

What would you do if you won a million dollars in a lottery? Well, the ones fortunate enough to live this dream have a different story to tell. (Read more)

14. 6 Weird Questions Kids Ask

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a child if given free reign will annoy you to death with an endless barrage of questions. Well, this post aims to explain 6 of the most commonly asked questions that trump parents who aren’t science teachers. (Read more)

15. How Alcohol Wiped Out My Memory… Almost

Meet Tina Tolley, the winner of the Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest as she takes you on a drive down her memory lane. Spiced with comedy, this anecdote is a must read for humor freaks. (Read more)

16. 5 Things You Don’t Want to Find When You Move to a New Residence

Moving to a new residence is a bloody nuisance. But what if instead of a pristine and clean house you arrive to find some unwanted gifts from the old tenants? (Read more)

17. Straight from the Saloon!

Haircuts are fraught with peril. You never know what you will look like once your hairdresser is through with you. But what if your hairdresser was in a terrible mood that day? (Read more)

18. 5 Tricks I Wish I Coul Teach My Dog

Oh yeah, you read it right. And these tricks aren’t your average “play-dead” kinds. Go ahead, read the post. You won’t regret taking the time out of your schedule. (Read more)

19. 5 Things to Take with You to a Deserted Island

Remember that game we all have played where we have to answer what would be the 5 things we would take with us if we were stranded on a deserted island? I have and it isn’t an easy question to answer. Read more for an interesting and humorous post. (Read more)

20. 5 Gifts Not to Give Someone on Their 40th Birthday

Finding the right gift for someone is hard. But if you aren’t close then choosing such a gift becomes harder job. So here are a few gifts you should strike off your list at once to make your job easier. (Read more)

21. 5 Things That You Should Always Take on a Long Haul Flight

Long flights are terribly crampy and no one looks forward to such long confinement. So here is a list of things you should carry with you before you hop onto your next trans-atlantic flight so that the experience becomes more comfortable. (Read more)

22. The Grass is Greener: 4 Terrible Fictional Cities to Work In

Bored of your office life? Would like nothing more than a brawl breakout or some snazzy disasters to stir things up? Read on to understand just how lucky you are that your world is boring instead of a perpetual pit of raging disturbances. (Read more)

23. How Technology Has Killed Our Fairytales

In this technologically advanced world can the fairytales we grew up with survive? Or are they destined to fade into history as the younger generations becomes more and more skeptic about magic? (Read more)

24. Why Brits Like Garden Sheds- Things You Never Knew

Who knew that dull and boring garden sheds that sit in your backyard scaring little kids from across the street could actually be so much fun? Read on to learn some fun shed trivia. (Read more)

25. 7 Things I Hate About Facebook

Facebook is fun. It is the king of social networking websites and frankly Mark Zuckerberg should be given Godhood according to some people for this wonderful creation. But our dear FB isn’t always so nice and endearing. Read on for some choice frustrating points about facebook. (Read more)

26. 4 Alternative Ways to Use a Candle

Who knew candles could be so much fun? And I definitely do not mean scaring people in the dark. (Read more)

27. The Difference Between Owned and Hired Cars

A post etching out the nature of car owners when they are given the keys to a hired car. If you thought it would be gentle then read on to fully understand the extent of your misconception. (Read more)

I hope you had fun swimming with me. Come back again in a week’s time and you will find more gems glinting at the top of the page. Till then, have fun!

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