Feminism and Speaking From the Heart

It has been over a year since I lasted posted something here. And I have wondered about that lack of interest periodically, until one day it dawned on me why.

The Spyglassviewer was begun at an age when I was very much a wide-eyed child. And though there are some posts that have a lot of thought-provoking content, most are rants that do not bring anything positive to the table.

I have grown a lot as a person over the last five years, and therefore, it seemed like the right thing to do to start a fresh blog. Only this time the focus will be on topics that truly matter. And what better way to do that than focus on feminism?

Feminism and the Death of Chivalry talks about the story of Feminism, its origins and subsequent evolution, and the changing dynamics between men and women.

Do give it a read and join in the conversation at the end.

Until I meet you again…


P.S. I am writing under the pseudonym of Valerie Black, which is the name I wish to be known for when I finally become an author.



The End

The Spyglassviewer has been a part of my life for the last two years. But unfortunately it can no longer function since I have lost interest in it. I am not saying I do not love this blog. I do. I have worked really hard to get it where it is now. But it must die, as all things die, and give way for something better to grow out of the ashes. And what better day to put it to sleep than on Halloween.

I remember how I started The Spyglassviewer on one rainy Manipal day. Although at that time it was just Spyglassviewer. It was an impulse that got me on WordPress and directed me as I created my first blog ever. And I have never regretted that moment even though in the beginning it was really hard to get my voice heard.

After that it was just a matter of time before I learnt the tricks of blogging. The Spyglassviewer was born from the ashes of Spyglassviewer in that process of initiation. It was professional, it was beautiful and it was everything I had ever wanted. And the best part was people actually wanted to read it.

I had a lot of fun.

And that’s why it pains me to shut down this blog. But die it must for I have elaborate plans for the other one. So here’s to The Spyglassviewer:-

Picture of shampaige

Rest in peace dear friend.


Blocked, Shocked and Totally MIA

Hi people! How have you been?

I am returning to The Spyglassviewer after a very long time. What has it been? Three months? More? I think the latter. Anyway, the point is, for a long time I was thinking about just dropping the blog and everything and hiding in a hole somewhere. Why? Well, there’s a big story…

Being an undergrad in dentistry is not easy. If the massive books are not chomping your brain into pudding, you have assignments and presentations that call out to you at the oddest hours. And then there is the book, the glorious manuscript you have been working on all your life that will be your one ticket into becoming a successful author. So in all everything is pretty hectic in my life.

But all that work is nothing compared to being betrayed by a friend. Yes. I have finally tasted it. And to think I always wanted to experience everything… good and bad both. It’s true, we should really be careful what we wish for.

I am not going to go into the details and bore you, because I have gotten over the whole thing a long time ago (yup, I let it go one week after the betrayal was brought to light, which was incidentally a month before our promotional University examinations). Anyway, the point is,  now that I have a second distinction under my cap (yup, nothing deters me when I truly work hard) and have completed the outline of my precious novel, I believe it is time for me to return to the blog I have built with so much love and care for the past two years.

So this is my come back. I won’t make promises and say I will be regular. I tried that (one too many times) and failed miserably. So I will stick to a schedule. Try to stick to it, that is. And hope that whatever I write brings smiles and laughter to your faces.

Until the next time… have fun.


The Return of the Stage Fright

I have officially returned to the business of giving myself heart attacks. What business might that be, you may ask. Well, it is none other than the business of public speaking… or in my case now, scientific presentations.

Yup, I am all geared up for my college’s first ever Symposium – A Scientific Paper Presentation Competition. And boy am I dying of tachycardia!

Before I tell you more about the presentation (which is on this Saturday, btw) let me tell you that I have been off the stage for the last five years. And getting back there after such a long time is indeed daunting and hard on your heart.

But the catalyst wasn’t some self-realization crap that made me go forward and put my name in the Symposium. Nope. It was the heart-warming appreciation I received after a small routine class presentation just a month back. And well, like they say, a little goes a long way…

So yes, I am doing this. I am putting myself out there for the first time in five years. And I am doing this because want to do it and not because it was a compulsory class assignment or something my teacher forced me to do. 

The only problem with this entire premise is… will I be able to cram my ten minutes presentation into 8 mins? After all, stage fright will lengthen the “er” gaps.

Nevertheless I have my fingers crossed. 


P.S. If my writing style feels a little off, please pardon me. Stringing words into a sentence is rather hard when your heart is trying to explode out of your chest.