About Me

My name is Ria Majumdar. And I am a writer.

Ever since I was twelve, I have had this burning desire to become an author whose words hypnotize fans and keep them coming back for more. And every day that goes by moves me another step closer to that dream.

10 Things About Me:-

1. I am an undergraduate dentist and love the course.

2. I have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. (You will find my posts rich in it.)

3. I am an animal lover. And have a penchant for weird names.

4. I am an athiest but spiritual. (I don’t believe in God, that’s it.)

5. I used to be a chocolate addict but have long since reformed and don’t feel any compulsion even when a huge box of chocolates has been lying in front of my eyes for two months. (True story.)

6. I can play the flute a little. But I can sing very well, although I have left singing in public once I fell in love with writing.

7. I am short-tempered.

8. The novel I am developing right now is named Rage and it is about fantastical creatures who look like angels and can shape-shift.

9. I love food! As long as its cooked, non-poisonous and tastes good to me I will have it.

10. I love basking in the limelight. (So do leave a comment 😛 )

Well, that’s it for now. I don’t need to rant on and off about myself, since my personality is reflected in my writing.


P.S. I love meeting new people, so do connect with me on facebook.

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well…I’m fluent in Latin, and I’ve never seen/heard the word “ria” ever…the word for winner is “victor”. Either way, enjoy writing, snarking, and naming!

  2. Ria, just wanted to say that I’m glad I found your site. I too have a dry sense of humor and would like to have an outlet for it. Maybe I can write some articles for your site.

  3. Hello Ria – I came across your site while I was searching for info on Manipal medical & dental programs for my son who is in 11th currently. Is it possible to correspond with you via email to seek some information regarding the dental program specifically? Please drop me an email so that i can send my questions to you. Thanks in advance for your help.

  4. Dr.Ria,

    I just astonished seeing your blog & posts
    Mine is the similar story like Mr.Rajesh Mathur
    My daughter got admission this year in MCODS, and am thinking how best is this profession for Girls
    Basically I am an Engineer working abroad, Even I or she don’t know much about this profession
    Pros and cons with MCODS etc
    Pl help

    • MCODS is a really great college and they teach amazingly well here, so rest assured, your daughter will learn a lot and really grow professional by the time she passes out. The only problem with the Manipal branch is that since it is a small place, the patient inflow is less. Mangalore doesn’t have that problem because it is a bigger city.

      And as for being a dentist – the profession is good, and monetarily speaking a good investment because the returns are very high in the future once the dentist is established. It is simply a specialization in the head and neck region, so don’t listen to people if they tell you being a dentist is in any way inferior to being a doctor. Those are simply narrow-minded talks.

      • I am so glad to see your reply
        Thank you so much for your great support & valuable suggestion
        May God bless you with Peace, Happiness and great life ahead

  5. Hi Ria and Satya – I would like to talk to both of you individually 1-on-1 sometime very soon. My son has secured admission to the BDS program at Mangalore. I have some anxiety about this career and would like to talk to both of you to settle it. Please send me your contact info (phone preferably) so that I can contact you. I would really appreciate your insight in this matter. My email is Rmathur_2005@yahoo.com

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