The Terrible Muse – Pain

Come pain, consume me,

Fill me with thy fire,

Let it burn through my veins,

Let it burn higher.


The sharpness may shock at first,

But its aftertaste is sweet,

Come pain, embrace me now,

For I don’t fear defeat.


Be my friend, O mighty foe,

Free my soul from its prison,

Set me afire, turn me to ashes,

Engulf me from within.


For the phoenix does not die,

The ashes simply come alive again.

So come pain, bring me death,

For I want to be reborn again.

– R. M.


I never really got it when people said that the best kind of music comes from a place of great suffering. Until now.

Every form of creative expression, be it music, art, or even writing, comes from a place where feelings reside. That’s why the works that truly move us are the ones that are born from pain.

I know this now because I have finally realized why I have not written one meaningful word in the past one year. I had frozen my heart so that it couldn’t be hurt again. And that inevitably froze my words. But just when I was thawing out, heartbreak struck me once more. And then the words came. I have not been able to stop writing since that day.

And I shall go on. I always have. And this time I am not going to freeze out. I shall pay the terrible price, because I care more for the words that flow from a place deep within my soul than the pain it causes me to create them.

Anyway, I won’t promise that I will blog again, for this blog is primarily a humor blog, and I do not feel humorous right now. But I shall definitely poke my head up every now and then, just to let you know that I am alive.



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