The Bold and The Brave

The bold once asked the brave this question:-
“We are but one, my mate.
Then why do they name us so differently?
Aren’t we twins by fate?”

The brave looked at the bold and replied thus:-
“That’s because we are not one, my dear.
We may seem alike but we are not
For unlike me you lack fear.”

The bold contemplated this and asked the brave:-
“And what of fear does thou know?”
The brave smiled at the bold and said this back:-
“To rule it is to be unruled.”

The bold fell silent for a while and then asked:-
“So I am not free, you surmise?”
The brave shook its head and answered thus:-
“Yours simply come at no price.”

Severely confused, the bold hedged again:-
“Do clarify, Brave, this point of yours.
If I am priceless and you come at a price,
Then why is your worth always more?”

Brave grew sad at this and said:-
“You always champion the ones who are free
But you know not the ones that I house
For they fear deep but they can still see.”


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