Ebooks vs. Real Books

“As science and technology advances, so does civilization.”

Flip through any standard history textbook, or watch any show on the History Channel, and you will see a pattern emerge – carriages replaced by cars, steam engines by bullet trains, swords by cannons and machine-guns.

And history is about to change again…with books.


Rachel Walsh (Cardiff School of Design): Explaining the Amazon Kindle to Charles Dickens. Photo: geeksaresexy.net

Ten years back eBooks might have been the joke of the party, something someone bought only when they were short of cash (or too progressive for the common folks). But now they have glutted the entire publishing industry.

Why? Isn’t it quite obvious? No one wants to lug around fifty books in a crate from house to house, every time they relocate when they can easily carry five hundred of them in a slim eReader that barely weighs 600 grams.

But the question is not whether in twenty more years it would be the end of bound-paper books, it is how the transition would impact the folks who live and breathe to read and write.

And since I am a writer, this question needs to be addressed in a systematic manner, weighing the pros and cons, so that I (and my fellow writers) can identify the changes we need to make to our approach towards marketing once paper books become a thing of the past.

So stay tuned for the next two posts, which will focus on each in turn – living books (because that’s what we call our friends) and eBooks (a.k.a the virtual kind).

Till the next time, have fun!


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