Your Laugh Can Spill the Beans

We all love to laugh. Name one person who doesn’t. But did you know that your laugh can actually spill the beans about what is going on in your head?

Did you say “How”? Well, wait no more, here’s the analysis, starting with the least favorable to the most favorable:-

1. The Half-assed Laugh

No, the joke was not funny. In fact if you ate alphabet soup you could have shit out a better joke than that, but unfortunately for you the one cracking the not-funny joke is someone important. A boss perhaps? Or even the leader of your clique. And so you laughed. Guess what, you just branded yourself Dumbass of the Century, Mr. Obvious-is-my-name.


Open Advice: Silence is always better than a half-assed laugh.

2. The Nervous Giggle

There is no joke for miles around but you still laughed. Why? Maybe because you felt cornered or because you don’t know what to do with yourself in the situation, but unfortunately for you we don’t need to call in a cardiologist to know that you are sweating a river in your socks.

Open Advice: Forget social protocol. Get out of that place as fast as you can!

3. The Fake-as-Artificial-Sunlight Laugh

You wouldn’t be caught dead laughing at such drivel but you laughed nevertheless because you need to butter up the person you are talking to as they hold the key to your _____(add whatever it is that you want the most at that time). But be warned, there are two ways this laugh can swing:-

One: The “butteree” figures out that the “butterer” is faker than fool’s gold and takes offence.

Two: The butteree is dumber than your Aunt Agnes from South Carolina who thinks all the previous presidents still live in the White House. In such a situation laugh as much as you can because the butteree anyway won’t understand the difference between the real and fake, and your work gets done.

Open Advice: Do your homework before you venture out on such unstable grounds.

4. The I-don’t-know-the-teacher-is-standing-behind-me Laugh

You are a careless bee who laughs when she feels like it, forgetting the place, time and situation. In fact, it actually surprises you when you are shouted at for breaking the silence and then promptly thrown out of the room.

Open advice: Surround yourself with people who would bring tears of boredom out of the Devil’s eyes when in places that require stern-faced work-a-holic-ness, and if you can’t… then chuck the losers who have sticks up their tight behinds and show them who’s the boss at the end of the year. 😉

5. The Tomato laugh

You are fond of a particular someone. In fact every time that sparkling person is before you, you have this insane urge to do something stupid. And that’s why when the heart-buster cracks a joke you can’t help but laugh harder than anyone else around, whether the joke is funny or not, and then watch as everyone stares at your red-as-a-tomato face from the overexertion.

tomatoI’m the Annoying Orange… er, tomato…

But don’t confuse this with the fake-as-artificial-sunlight laugh, because the tomato laugh is truly genuine in its innocence and also in its head-over-heel-ness.

6. The I’m-a-Cynic Laugh

“So you cracked a joke, huh? Good try, but too baaaaad”, is what your head is saying as you snort out a laugh that would embarrass your mother’s social sensibilities. But you don’t care. You are too confident in your skin and that’s why you like to intimidate others when they are trying so hard to be as cool as you.


Who dared question my authority?

7. The Living-in-my-head Laugh

They say an empty mind is the Devil’s workshop. But nobody ever said that the workshop always aims mischief at others and not the self. That’s why sometimes even after trying your level best you end up laughing out at some remembered incident or joke from last night. But unfortunately for you no one around has Edward Cullen like powers and so your momentary lapse of control brands you as a nutjob.

Nevertheless, such a situation can be turned about and made light of if they are rare, but if not then you definitely need to do more productive things with your time rather than roam around inside your head in Kingdom By-gone-days.

8. The Heart-in-mouth Laugh

When you don’t find something funny, you don’t laugh. But when you do, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from guffawing out at the top of your vocal cords’ capacity and expressing exactly how appreciative you are of the joke. In fact, you are one of those people who don’t simply write LOL but actually do the laughing-out-loud part and then do the writing part. 🙂

Such honesty in a laugh may not be appreciated all the time but believe me, people always trust such heartful laughers (yes, laughers not laughters).

9. The Moderation Laugh


Everything about you is in moderation. You think before you talk, you think before you judge and you always think before you do anything. And this diplomacy has leaked into your laughing ways and so you laugh in just the right amount, not more and definitely not any less. You are the ultimate sane head… but beware, it is said that people who seem the most sane turn out to be the most insane when you dig into the deepest parts of their head…

So, that’s all about laughs for today. I am absolutely sure that I have missed out quite a few so I think it is upto you now to leave a comment below and let me know about the laughs that I missed to put on the spotlight. Don’t hesitate, write on, I love to hear from you. 🙂

Anyway, thank you for reading and till the next time, have fun.


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8 thoughts on “Your Laugh Can Spill the Beans

    • LOL! Ya that’s there too. Although thankfully whenever I crack a joke I wait for others to laugh before I join in. That’s why the awkward laugh never happens if the joke is too bad to digest. Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

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