The Endless Debate: Medical vs. Dental

For those of you who do not know – medical students have always considered their dental counterparts the runts of the roost, while the undergrad dentists have always strived to defend their usefulness to no avail. And since it is highly unlikely that this drama will dissolve any soon with both sides living peacefully and gifting each other puppies on birthdays, let me do what I do best and poke fun at both sides.

1. Whose job is more important?

The M’s (doctors): Of course it’s ours! We save lives. We help birth babies. We cure the world off ailments. Dentists? What do they know about saving lives? They just poke around with teeth.

The D’s (dentists): Say that again when you need dentures.

Dentures Uppers and lowers

(Photo credit: Kathy McGraw)

Nothing replaces natural teeth. NOTHING!!!

2. Who is an eligible bachelor?

M’s: The dental girls are hot, but the guys? Meh…

D’s: OMG! A doctor? You are dating a doctor? WOWOWOWOW!!! That is so awesome. Your mom must be so proud! Now help me get one for myself too…

3. Who gets more respect from society?

Society about M’s: If God had a face it will be my doctor’s.

Society about D’s: They could have been serial killers in another life. Have you seen the sharp instruments they carry around?


Be Scared. Be very scared…

4. Who studies more?

M’s: We are zombies. We live in caves made of Grey’s Anatomy and Davidson. You have no right to ask us that question!

D’s: Considering the nine dental subjects and heavy tomes that med students never study, I guess it’s a tie. But shhh, don’t burst their pretty bubble by telling them about it…

5. What is the perception of the newcomer undergrads about the profession?

M’s: We are gonna investigate the body, cut up some brains and hearts, ooooohhh it’s gonna be fun…

D’s: (After looking at the course structure) We aren’t just studying about teeth? Where the hell have these subjects come from? I thought it was all gonna be rock, shock and pluck the tooth… (unfortunately this is the case in India because people don’t know anything beyond being an engineer or a doctor.

6. Who earns more?

M’s: I just got out of med school. I am the microscopic fish in the vast ocean.

D’s: Who’s laughing now, docs? (As they stare at the cash from the set of braces they just put in a patient’s mouth.)

7. Who has a life?

M’s: My wife asked me to marry the hospital. After all I am always there.

D’s: 9 to 5 job? Check. Tons of cash? Check. Vacations, parties and a normal life? Double check.


But jokes apart, I guess in the end we shouldn’t really compare the two streams because even if both are part of the healthcare community, both are vastly different.

So, what do you think? Like doctors or dentists? Do leave a comment; I truly love it when I hear from you.

As for me I am not fond of either, the former because I absolutely HATE medicines, and every trip to the OPD awards me a few tablets that I would rather die than chug down with my nose pinched, and the latter because now that I have spent two years studying about dentistry, I would rather keep my teeth au naturale than poked full of holes and filled in with something weaker than my pretty whites.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Thank you for reading and I hope to see ya all next time. Till then, have fun.


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