Blocked, Shocked and Totally MIA

Hi people! How have you been?

I am returning to The Spyglassviewer after a very long time. What has it been? Three months? More? I think the latter. Anyway, the point is, for a long time I was thinking about just dropping the blog and everything and hiding in a hole somewhere. Why? Well, there’s a big story…

Being an undergrad in dentistry is not easy. If the massive books are not chomping your brain into pudding, you have assignments and presentations that call out to you at the oddest hours. And then there is the book, the glorious manuscript you have been working on all your life that will be your one ticket into becoming a successful author. So in all everything is pretty hectic in my life.

But all that work is nothing compared to being betrayed by a friend. Yes. I have finally tasted it. And to think I always wanted to experience everything… good and bad both. It’s true, we should really be careful what we wish for.

I am not going to go into the details and bore you, because I have gotten over the whole thing a long time ago (yup, I let it go one week after the betrayal was brought to light, which was incidentally a month before our promotional University examinations). Anyway, the point is,  now that I have a second distinction under my cap (yup, nothing deters me when I truly work hard) and have completed the outline of my precious novel, I believe it is time for me to return to the blog I have built with so much love and care for the past two years.

So this is my come back. I won’t make promises and say I will be regular. I tried that (one too many times) and failed miserably. So I will stick to a schedule. Try to stick to it, that is. And hope that whatever I write brings smiles and laughter to your faces.

Until the next time… have fun.



4 thoughts on “Blocked, Shocked and Totally MIA

  1. Sounds like a lot of stuff has gone down. And up. And, probably, sideways. Hope you make a regular appearance from now on!

    Good news with the novel, yo! Must be nice to have the whole framework in place.

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