The Return of the Stage Fright

I have officially returned to the business of giving myself heart attacks. What business might that be, you may ask. Well, it is none other than the business of public speaking… or in my case now, scientific presentations.

Yup, I am all geared up for my college’s first ever Symposium – A Scientific Paper Presentation Competition. And boy am I dying of tachycardia!

Before I tell you more about the presentation (which is on this Saturday, btw) let me tell you that I have been off the stage for the last five years. And getting back there after such a long time is indeed daunting and hard on your heart.

But the catalyst wasn’t some self-realization crap that made me go forward and put my name in the Symposium. Nope. It was the heart-warming appreciation I received after a small routine class presentation just a month back. And well, like they say, a little goes a long way…

So yes, I am doing this. I am putting myself out there for the first time in five years. And I am doing this because want to do it and not because it was a compulsory class assignment or something my teacher forced me to do. 

The only problem with this entire premise is… will I be able to cram my ten minutes presentation into 8 mins? After all, stage fright will lengthen the “er” gaps.

Nevertheless I have my fingers crossed. 


P.S. If my writing style feels a little off, please pardon me. Stringing words into a sentence is rather hard when your heart is trying to explode out of your chest. 


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