Secret to Happiness – To Each Their Own

Happiness is what the soul craves for. Happiness and the sense of fulfillment. And it is a rare human among us who actually feels happy every moment of every day.

Alas, I am not so spiritually advanced and still have a lot of goals to accomplish before I can be truly happy… if ever. But we all do have some things in our lives that delight us.

So today I have decided to talk about three things that always makes me shine like the sun:-

1. Reading Books

india calcutta bookstore

india calcutta bookstore (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

Reading is my life. I love it when I enter a bookstore and run my fingers along the colorful spines of the books in the shelves. I love it when I buy a new book and hear it whisper merrily when I turn its crisp pages. I love it when I raise it up to my nose and sniff at the delicate smell of bound paper and ink. I love it when I let the smooth words on the pages imprint themselves on my mind’s eye and play their wonderful symphony. I love it when I feel the intense emotions lock me into the story so tight that I am unable to let go of the book until I have read from cover to cover.

Yes, I love books and it makes me the happiest when I am with one. In fact I can go as far to say that I prefer them to human companionship. Add to this the fact that I am not limited to only story books but love reading informative books as well and you have your veritable nerd. But I can live with that tag.
2. Food for the Soul
I love to eat. It is in my genes. Don’t believe me? Well, then you must not know Bengalis and our love for everything edible.
I love it when a smoking hot dish is placed before me and its decadent vapors surround me in their warm embrace. I love it when I walk into a coffee shop and feel the sharp and bitter but still deliciously alluring aroma of the coffee beans penetrate my senses. I love it when I visit my Grandma’s house and eat the earthy and love-filled food she cooks for us. I love it when I have been roasted crisp by the sun and thereafter walk into an ice-cream parlor for a large sundae with no shows but only plain ice-cream.

Flower Pot Ice Cream Sundae

Flower Pot Ice Cream Sundae…. the first plant food you will actually like to eat. 😉 Photo credit:

*Sigh* I love food and there is nothing in the world that can make me instantly hyperactive. But what really makes me happy is…
3. Good Humor
Well, it may sound rather dumb to say that good humor makes me happy… I mean, duh! But there you go. The simplest things can make me burst into laughter. And I am not your giggling kinda girl (okay… I do that at times) but my usual laugh is the booming sort that blasts everyone in a ten yard radius and most times than not gets me in trouble because I disturbed the peace and quiet of a classroom.
And the kind of humor that gets me rolling on the floor helplessly is the sadistic kind that strikes when someone falls down headfirst on the floor or gets the crap ragged outta them. I know, I know, it doesn’t say good things about me but I do that to only my friends and since they don’t seem to mind that much… I guess I am safe in my sadist zone.
So these are the three things that always gets me high and happy. What makes you tick? Do you like eating as much as I do? What kind of cuisine do you favor? Do leave a comment below, I love it when I hear from you. 🙂
Anyway, that’s it for today. But before I leave I want to share the secret behind perpetual happiness:-

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Signing out.


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