10 Things Indian TV Soap Operas Teach Us – Part II

Following the wild success of the previous installment, I have decided to update you all lovely readers with some more wild things Indian TV Serials teach us. So let’s not waste time dilly-dallying and get on with the show:-

1. If a guy and a girl hate each other they will always end up getting stranded in the middle of a forest and *BAM* a thunder-storm would turn up and the two will somehow end up finding a barn (no idea how it got there and why so many haystacks are piled up inside). The rain will end up doing something weird to their hormones and most times than not they will feel a heavy sexual tension and by the time people turn up to rescue them they would feel the first stirrings of love.

This entire line of thought stinks of a post-apocalyptic world where you are the only two humans left alive and must now propagate and refill the entire planet with your kind. Ugh!

2. The rich girl will party for the better part of the night and at the end of it will have to walk back home down a lonely highway with wolves and coyotes howling in the background and maybe a sketchy guy stalking her, no idea how she ended up on the road and what happened to her car or cell phone (…and the crowd she was partying with).

Makes me wonder if she was partying in the Bermuda Triangle where there is no network.

3. No one dies. I mean they do but they always mysteriously come back from the dead with a vague story where they apparently got washed ashore a river and were then helped by a poor peasant who somehow had enough money to get the hapless girl (it’s always a female) a plastic surgery to fix her myriad wounds. And somehow the surgeon also manages to give her a new height, body shape and vocal cords…

The irony.

4. Additionally this “thought-to-be-dead” person goes back home and is accepted by the family as a distant relation (who they never knew existed and who they still welcome with open arms into their home where their children live).

The astonishing facts just keep on coming.

5. The do-gooder always ends up getting screwed.

Moral of the story: Be a bitch/bastard.

6. The protagonist always gets pregnant, by the love of her life (who is the epitome of goodness), but she nevertheless ends up marrying a different guy.

Where is this “goody-two-shoes” lover now?

7. Contrarily, the protagonist’s sister falls in love with the love of the protagonist’s life and like a good little sister the protagonist always allows the sister to hitch her ride with her lover even though the guy is madly in love with her?

My heart burns at such displays of selfless love towards a sibling… who are you people kidding? Seriously, tell me? And is the guy a numb nut that he goes ahead and marries the sister although his heart yearns for the other?

8. After marriage the first dessert the new wife of the house must make is always destroyed by the evil mother-in-law/aunt/sister of the husband who sprinkles a healthy dose of salt or chilly to the sweet dish while the newly wed wanders around the house aimlessly as the food she is cooking lies unattended in the kitchen.

The plot thickens. Apparently the mother-in-law/aunt/sister hate the wife and would go to any extend to demean her even if it means feeding the rest of the family arsenic.

9. At the beginning the female protagonist always wants to study and make something of herself in life but somehow she is always solving other’s troubles while her studies lay like a forgotten dog. And before you know it something happens and in two months she marries a rich guy because she MUST! And *BAM* after marriage the degree-less and unqualified woman ends up as the M.D of her husband’s company where she is seen working like an expert at something she has never learnt in her life.

Moral of the story: Don’t worry about education. You will always find the knowledge sitting there in your brain although you never learnt it.

10. Females dominate and males are puppets in the background.

The only place where this happens. And don’t confuse it with progressive thinking.

So there you go. 10 more things Indian TV Serials try to sell as the truth and which must never be believed if one must keep their sanity intact. And don’t even for a second think that the list ends here. It does not.

So what do you think? Enjoyed these additional ironic servings? Or found them drab? Do leave a comment below. I love to hear from you.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I will be back before you know it. So till the next time… have fun!


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8 thoughts on “10 Things Indian TV Soap Operas Teach Us – Part II

  1. I too used to sit and watch few of these time murderers years before. Then it stuck on to me, there isn’t much difference between the hero and the villain other than viewer’s perspective. Hero saves the beautiful dame from a person whom she doesn’t like and then few moments later hero would be doing the same thing the villain intended to do, then making her life even more miserable than the villain would have done.

    • You have picked up a good point. I forgot about this one totally. In fact TV serials are so bad that we have classmates who embody paranoia since they watch these soaps so much.

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