Addicted to The Vampire Diaries

I admit it. I am addicted. So damn addicted that I have been watching The Vampire Diaries non-stop for the past two days. And the show is so stuck in my head that it haunts me even in my dreams. Now that is saying something.

Okay, let’s slow down a little. Here’s how my love story with the show began – with utter disdain (isn’t that how it always happens?).

The thing is I have read the Vampire Diaries trilogy by L.J Smith, the books on which the show is loosely based upon. Anyway, the books had nothing original in them other than a few classic changes that every author gives to the new-age vampires. So it was like every other high school drama/vampire action/school girl fantasy series that has been doing rounds for the past few years in the paranormal genre.

The thing with me is I like books that evoke some sort of response from me. Books that force me to jog my own creativity. Books that suck me in with their power-packed storyline and originality. And frankly, the Vampire Diaries lacked in every count.

So when the series came out and suddenly became an instant hit I had my reservations. (Translate: I vowed not to waste my time watching it as I had wasted my time reading the books). But things rarely go as planned and my sister dropped into the story like a giant bat.

The thing with my sister is that she is very different from me. She is the girly one while I am the clichéd tomboy who rebels against everything. So when she told me, scratch that, begged me to watch the show because it was sooooo goooood, I had some serious doubts.

But I should have known that superficially whatever my sister might be like her taste is as refined as mine. And so after effectively dodging her attempts to make me watch the show for many many many months, when I finally turned up at home for the holidays she had me by the throat.

Initially just to humor her I watched the first episode of Season 1 of TVD (The Vampire Diaries for the ones among you who aren’t so savvy with the terms yet). To say I was hooked will be a massive lie. I didn’t like it. Honestly. I thought it was like Wild Child (the movie in which Emma Roberts plays an American brat in an English Boarding School).

Not that TVD is anything like Wild Child but the high school drama in the first episode was too clichéd for me to absorb. Maybe it was the fact that the recently orphaned protagonist (Elena Gilbert) immediately hooked up with the oh-so hot new guy in school/town (Stephen Salvatore).

So when my sister asked me how I liked the episode I was brutally honest (like always). But persistence is something that runs in her blood (not mine. I am an abandoner when things don’t go as planned). She tried to convince me that it would get better but I had already abandoned ship where TVD was concerned.

And so a few nights later she craftily got me to watch the next few episodes with her as we munched on some chicken cutlets for dinner. And BAM! An addict was born.

I have no idea how it happened but I was sucked in, hook, line and sinker. And for good reason.

You see, TVD is a good series. The direction is amazing, the story line is catchy and the cast knows how to act. Not to mention the special effects don’t leave you with the feeling that there is a fur coating the insides of your throat (think Twilight if you aren’t a fan).

And well, there is also the pesky little thing about the story wherein the lead Elena drags the good out of bad boys just by keeping hope alive. I am sucker for it. Yup, clichéd me. No wonder I have been playing on Team Damon Salvatore since the third episode.

But nevertheless, I am a total addict now. And without any regrets. Sure I was in denial the entire first season. In fact I even went to the extent of ranting about the unfairness of it all on facebook (about how my sister got me addicted to the one substance that has always been my weakness – a good story). But all’s well in paradise now.

So there you go. That was my love story with The Vampire Diaries. Are you a fan too? If yes, please tell me who your favorite character is.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I will be back soon. So till then have fun… a lot of blooooody fun!



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