So Much For Apocalypse…

All through 2012 the one topic of discussion that never seemed to burn out was that of the approaching apocalypse. In fact the movie 2012 was more than generous in feeding nightmares and delusions to people who just wanted something dramatic as the end of the world to brighten (ironically) their dull and boring lives.

Anyway, now that 2013 has finally arrived I want to do one thing.


So much for the endless tales. 🙂

But then again its a new year and I am sure new apocalypse tales must have already started its rounds… after all it is the year with 13 tagged at its end. Yup, stupidity is never-ending.

On that note, why are people so scared of 13 anyway? What’s this obsession? It’s just a number… or is it? If I am not wrong then 13 was the year most of us hit puberty… okay, I get the point why it is so dreaded… 😛

Anyway, foolhardy aside, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!

I hope you haven’t decided upon any resolutions because lets face it we never really live up to our expectations. But if I had to choose one then… my resolution is to finish the first draft of Rage. *Fingers crossed*

So with that I have just written the first post of 2013 and now it’s time for me to leave and celebrate.

Happy New Year once again to you all!!! Have fun! 😀 😀



4 thoughts on “So Much For Apocalypse…

  1. Indeed, people who want to worry about the end of the world will continue doing so, regardless of how many times it fails to end! “Rage” you say? Is that a book you’re working on? Do tell!

    Happy 2013!

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