Only Love is Real

 I hold that when a person dies

His soul returns again to Earth;

Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise,

Another mother gives him birth.

With sturdier limbs and brighter brain

The old soul takes the road again.

–         John Masefield

Recently (actually yesterday) I gobbled down a book by the famous psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss on past life regression therapy and the theory of reincarnation and souls.

The book is aptly named Only Love is Real because if you are even mildly enlightened you would know that there is no greater force in this universe, no greater power than the power of love. And souls are ultimately made of energy and love that seeks love and must share love for its well-being.

Beautifully written and with enough excerpts to convince even a non-believer, Only Love is Real is a tale of two patients of Dr. Weiss who had never met before and who were undergoing treatment and past life regression therapy at the same time but on different days with him. But against all odds they turned out to be soulmates with same experiences in their past lives.

The best part of the book was that it explained that soulmates do not always have to be romantic partners (…uh oh, I think I crushed a few fantasies). Soulmates can be in the form of a parent, a true friend, a sibling, a child or of course a romantic partner. And they bring with them a sense of familiarity and safety and love that defies every explanation. It is the love that counts not the form of it.

In the book Dr. Weiss mentions that in every lifetime if your soulmate is alive at the same time as you then you will meet the one at some point in your life. That is destiny.

But free will comes into picture after that and it is entirely upto you whether you wish to continue to maintain the connection of familiarity that transcends time or decide to move apart because you have learnt the lessons your soulmate had to teach you in this lifetime or you failed to remove the veil from before your eyes and see what your heart and intuition already know.

Another amazing thing the book talked about was that since we are all immortal anyway it is of no use to rush through time as if we have no time left because we have all the time in the world.

So you shouldn’t live your life in fear or frugality or rage or the myriad other ill virtues but should live in a manner that makes you happy because happiness is the effect of love and love is soul food.

And of course that means taking risks and I do not mean worthless risks like vandalizing your boss’s car because you felt like it. I am talking about meaningful ones that feel right to you. Because in the end the soul can never truly be hurt and whatever the outcome may be, it is of utmost importance for the development of the soul so that it can reach a higher level. The level of the master souls.

I know all this must be sounding like new age crap to non-believers but since I have always been a believer reading this book was like striking gold. And since all this is going to turn up in Rage (the book I am writing) I need to have a more refined knowledge about souls.

So next stop is reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Weiss. But before I end today’s post let me recommend Only Love is Real to each and every broadminded person out there because it will change your perspective for good and maybe help you live a little more courageously and listen to your heart.

– Ria

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2 thoughts on “Only Love is Real

  1. I dont believe in reincarnation and/or past life. I find it illogical and absurd. However, I totally believe in the power of true real love, love that is beyond romantic, love that cannot be defined. And yes, I believe in soul mates. I am glad you believe in the power of love. However, I suggest don’t rely on reincarnation etc. Take it with a pinch of salt else you may base your life on such theories. I am not dismissing them, just saying dont be staunch about them. Believe in love and you wont need to believe in anything else.

    • We all have strong beliefs about something that won’t be budged. Yours might be God. Mine is souls. 🙂 But yeah, I do believe in love.

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