Travel Stories – That Happened to Me!

Travelling is fun and then it is not. So today we have with us a wonderful guest author, Elle Rose who has written a remarkable post about a few unsavory things that can happen to you during travelling that not only dampens your enthusiasm but can also be starkly painful. Continue Elle…

I’m currently travelling around the world – and I’ve had more amazing experiences in these 4 months, than I had in my whole life before! Some of the times I look back and cringe (being a clumsy girl – I have many unfortunate tales) – other times I smile and remember how much we laughed.

So many amazing things happen when you’re travelling – and you meet so many incredible people, and I’ve found – when chatting to other travellers – the one thing we all have in common are the amazing, funny, hilarious, awe inspiring stories we all are so eager to share.

I started my adventure in London (which is where we departed from) and it was incredible. We were lucky to have been given passes to No1 Traveller Lounge as a gift – which made the whole airport experience much nicer. I’m not the biggest fan of airports, but having somewhere comfy to sit made such a big difference.

Where did my hatred of airports stem from? Well probably originally from the hours of boredom when I was a child – but more recently from a trip to Italy.

I got food poisoning at the airport, and with 6 hours to wait until my flight, I had to spend the night in the Airport’s A&E hospital. It was miserable!

Let me tell you – flying with food poisoning is not fun. At all. I’m lucky they let me board the plane though in all honesty.

But fast forward to now, and it’s been a while since I’ve been sick in an airport. I just dislike it because it’s a bit dull! God bless airports with WiFi!

We were flying out to New Zealand most recently, but had a stop over in Singapore – which was great. I love Singapore and I’ve been there multiple times now. It’s a great city – and I’m lucky to have family there who could put us up for the night.


However – whilst we had originally planned to do a bit of walking around the city between flights – it was during that flight that I started (for the first time ever) to suffer from swollen feet.

I always used to laugh at those who got swollen feet on airplanes – thinking it was more of a made up problem that people invented so they could roam about the cabin. But it’s real! So real!

My feet look more like hobbit feet, and I must have gone from a Size UK 5 to a UK 8 during that flight. Our plans of walking around the city slowly diminished as I realized my feet no longer fit inside my shoes. Damn it!

I spend the night before our connecting flight sleeping with my legs propped up on several big cushions – trying to get the swelling to disappear. It kind of worked – I still looked half-hobbit the next morning though. Which was not a good look.

I’ve now completed read up on swollen feet and will not be letting it happen again! Turns out, it can actually be quite dangerous.

About the Author:-

I hope you’ve enjoyed my travel stories – as I mentioned – I am a full time blogger and would love you to read more of my travels. You can find them on my travel blog: The World and Then Some.


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