Be Specific – Shortcut to Victory

Everyone has goals. Big goals, small goals, whatever goals… but very few actually make it to the end and see their goals fulfilled. Why? Because people don’t know that the No. 1 Rule for being successful is – be specific.

Yes. Being specific in their approach is one habit all successful people have. And why? Because being specific gets you from point A to B with a detailed outline of everything in between.

I will explain this in simple terms. Suppose you decide to go on a vacation to Rome. You are all excited about it and given the number of people who have been raving about the place you are sure you would have the time of your life. But in this hypothetical situation you have not planned a mite for the trip. It just you, your backpack and your wandering brain that can figure out things on the go.

So the backpacker you lands in Rome and suddenly things start to go downhill. You don’t know where to go, what to do and who to ask because you never bothered to detail out your trip, read up on the place so that you aren’t stranded without any information to fall back on. Okay, you might just wing it but I can guarantee that this trip would just be a disaster. It’s the same with any goal.

Just knowing that you want to do something is not good enough. Nor is the fact that you want it to be done in so and so days, months, years going to help you. The key word here is to be specific, detail out the way and take small steps until the goal is reached.

So to get things going for me I have detailed out a game plan for myself. Complete with a map…


… and a deadline.

The first milestone in this is to finish outlining the territory of Faradwar and the province of Imbaum in which the story of Rage shall begin. And I have till 22nd of December, 2012 to complete this. And since I have all the free time in the world now that my exams are over this bitch is gonna go down. 😛

So I better get writing so see ya all next time. Have fun.



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