10 Things a Professional College Has Taught Me About Regular Life

Hey guys! Wassup? I have been MIA as usual so no use apologizing anymore… you know how irresponsible I can be at times. Anyway, I thought it would be good if I made a comeback with a hilarious post about something that is close to my heart. Namely my college – Manipal College of Dental Sciences (we are No. 1!!!!).

Ah well, I better stop rambling now and let you read the pick of the week: Have fun!

So there we were, the coolest kids in the block, the ones who thought life would always remain a cakewalk… until we landed in a professional college. And guess what? Things started to get real. As in real real.

So here are a few things I have learnt about real life in these two years of studying in MCODS:-

1. It’s not fashionable to be late.

The Japanese would be nodding their heads in agreement now. In fact the first time I ever got kicked out of class for being late was in D.M. Forget about sneaking in – you can’t jump in through windows here for obvious reasons.

2. Sometimes your professor’s love life is better than your own.

Yup, hits harder than a punch to your face. I mean, come on, these are old people! Okay, not so old really but… aren’t they supposed to be like zombies who tell you off for making eyes at the opposite sex? Guess not.

3. You understand the worth of 100 rupees.

Never before in my life was I so happy to unearth a hundred while pawing through my jeans one day. It was like early Christmas!

4. Teachers who smile the most give the least marks.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge a book by its cover!

5. There are always people who think what you do is worthless.

Courtesy: The MBBS crowd. Hell, these snobs think we are technicians with a doctoral tag. (Damn! I wonder who spilled the beans…). But really, life can’t get starker than that. No one said the world wasn’t full of half-baked judgmental idiots.

6. Giving a presentation is hard. Deal with it.

Cardiac arrhythmias will be the least of your concerns when facing the entire class (and maybe your crush) plus a gawking teacher in the back row. Ever heard about deer-in-headlights syndrome?

7. Day offs are scarce and far apart.

Hmm, maybe that’s why mom and dad always seemed boring because they refused to budge from the bed during their day-offs. But that’s not the end of it. I doubt anyone really cared about the cultural importance behind holidays back when they were kids.

8. It’s important to have contacts.

A few friends here and there never hurts. Especially when you need patients for third year…

9. There is always a party pooper who cribs about holidays, attendance and generally everything under the sun.

Don’t tell me you don’t have one in your class? The world seems to breed their lot. *Sigh*

10. The world’s not for bigots.

Must be the biggest lesson I have learnt from my life here in a professional college. The world is too big to be narrow-minded. So it’s always cool if you are multi-lingual, multi-cultural… and multi-partnered.

Well, 10 was the quota and 10 it is. But I am sure if I thought hard enough (or easy enough) I can come up with a few more snarks and barks.

So whatcha think? Does my college life remind you of yours? Or is there a vast difference… like perhaps the tradition of raising zombies on Halloween… just kidding. 😛 Do leave a comment below with your thoughts. I love it when you do. 🙂

Anyway, that’s it for today. I will be back tomorrow with Inspire Me (as the schedule says) and… well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get inspired enough (translate: plant my ass before the laptop and write the post out) so that you can enjoy some more of the classic Ria goodness. So till then, have fun. 🙂



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