Blog Post Titles I’d Love to Read

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Everyone has varied interests so don’t be surprised if you find out that your sister surfs for photos of that hot guy from The Vampire Diaries while you might be busy searching for reasons behind why you sleeptalk (do I have to say more?). But have you ever wished to read something and come up blank on Google? I mean, come on, isn’t it supposed to be some magical place where you can find everything? I guess not (sometimes that is). So we have with us today Jack Meyers who has written a short post about a few articles he would love to read. Continue Jack…

I was writing on my blog the other day and straining to come up with a new title. Everything seemed so boring and mundane and overdone to me. I mean, I know we are supposed to have blog niches, but does that mean that every title has to be similar? Snore fest.

So, in a fit of bored creativity, I decided to come up with some blog title ideas that I would actually stop and read myself:

  • 10 Video Game Characters That Should Have Been Women
  • What Celebrities Should Star in Disney’s Star Wars
  • 10 Classic Board Games That Should NEVER Be Made into Movies and 5 That Should
  • What I Wished a Super-heroine Looked Like
  • Business Tips From Iron Man
  • Captain America on Politics and the Economy
  • Channeling Your Anger by The Hulk
  • 50 Shades of Never: What Real Women Want
  • 50 Shades of Shudder: What Real Men Want
  • 5 Ways to Become a Millionaire Without Any Effort
  • 10 Ways to Lose Weight Eating Dessert

I’m sure you can come up with many more you would like to read but probably never will. Maybe I’ll try to write some of these titles myself, what do you think?

Can you come up with some blog title ideas you would like to read? Leave them in the comments and I might surprise you!

Author Bio:

Jack Meyer is a freelance writer and regular contributor at He has a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc.  If you have any questions email Jack at jackmeyers08 @


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