Diplomacy or Hypocrisy?

For a while now a question has been bothering me – what is diplomacy really? Is it another word for lying by omission or is it simply a tactic by which one remains on politically stable grounds?

Well, I haven’t managed to secure an answer good enough for my question, there are just too many variables to be considered, so I will simply go with the flow (read: write some crap so that it qualifies as a blog post).

Jokes apart; diplomacy is the skill of dealing with people with tact. But what exactly is this tact we are talking about? Is it withholding important information and making things opaque just so that one can stay out of controversial situations? Or is it being hypocritically amiable before a person one hated with everything they had? Politicians might have a political answer for my question but then again they have always been on boggy grounds where their conduct is concerned.

But why this sudden reflection on diplomacy? Well, if you know me in flesh and blood you would know that I am the last person on this planet whom you would call a diplomat. And that’s solely because I foolishly go around blurting out things without the stray thought that things might turn around and bite me in unpleasant places later.

Rest assured my dear friends have never left a chance to tell me to behave myself and think before I speak. But to no avail. Because frankly I feel this diplomatic shit is plain hypocrisy framed with flowers to make it look agreeable. In fact the world would be a much better place if people just had the guts to speak their minds and keep things as transparent as it gets.

But then again we can’t really discount the fact that without diplomacy all the nations of the world would still be squabbling over petty issues and we might already have had World War III.

So, on the whole I am still unsure where I stand in this entire discussion. Switzerland I may not be but an amateur tight-rope walker who can at any time plunge on either side I definitely am.

What do you think about diplomacy in general? Do you consider yourself a diplomat? Do share your views in the comments below. I love to hear from you.

And that’s the end of this post. *Phew* See ya all tomorrow, or Wednesday, whenever the mood strikes me. 😛


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