5 Reasons Why Amazon Kindle is better than Books

Books have always brought happiness to me. They have been my friends through thick and thin and I am proud of my library at home that has grown over the years so much that the wooden cupboard is bursting at its hinges. But I had never predicted that a day might come one day when these very faithful companions of mine would be threatened… to evolve and leave their conservatism and go digital!

Well, the digital age is here to stay and I have mixed feelings about this transition (although I do have more than 200 pdf books in my laptop that have been read and enjoyed just as much as my paperbacks). But everyone’s not like me; take for example our guest author for today, Jessica Leibovitz who has already chosen which team she wants to play for if Apocalypse does take place and we must choose between paperbacks and e-readers if we are to save the world. So without further ado, continue Jess…

With Amazon recently making headlines with the fight with price-fixing publishers to get cheaper books into the hands of the Kindle loyal, it seemed like the perfect time to write up something that I’ve been trying to impress on my friends, family and anyone else who’ll listen:

My Kindle is better than your book!

In a perfect world that’s all I’d ever need to say and everyone I told would immediately agree and ditch their stacks of paper forever. Unfortunately, as my mother is oft to say, this world isn’t perfect and I’m stuck with the pesky problem of trying to prove why newer sometimes is actually better.

So, in my pilgrimage to convert you too, here is a compelling list of why you to should ditch your paper dependency:-

1.    It’s lite.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite (Photo credit: Zero2Cool_DE)

The Kindle (PaperWhite) only weighs in at 7.3 ounces (about 200 grams for those of you outside the US). The weight of an average paperback? Well, if the statistics over at Average Postage Weights blog are accurate, we’re looking at between 9 and 15 ounces. Even if we’re talking one title, that’s an overall weight bloat of about ¼ to ½ – never mind if you’re the type to carry multiple titles at once.

2.    It’s a library you can carry with you.

Speaking of carrying multiple titles, let’s imagine for a second that you’re going on vacation. Your suitcase is looking like a disemboweled alien on the bed, and you realize that you don’t have space for the ‘pool read’, ‘embarking plane read’, ‘returning plane magazine’ in addition to the ‘I-might-finish-so-I’ll-bring-it-just-in-case read’.  You end up jamming what you can haphazardly into your already erupting suitcase and still find space for one or two of them in your carry on.

But now, your poor carry on is heavier than a block of concrete and you’re lugging it around all day in the airport. Now what happens if one of those titles proves to be terrible? Or even worse, the last few pages are gone or mutilated because you shoved them between your high heels and the toothpaste (don’t laugh… it’s happened!)?  Between this and the extra pounds, wouldn’t it be nice to keep all those titles in one neat, safe, light little package? Something you can effortless carry in your jacket pocket perhaps?

3.    Save money while never running out of something to read.

Gone are the days of needing to do pesky things like plan ahead when you’ve got a Kindle in your arsenal. Once you’ve linked it to an Amazon account all you’ve got to do is browse and you’re only a few clicks away from that need-to-read title (with the free 3G model or assuming you’re within wifi access with the others).

Even better is that so many libraries now have ebook loaning libraries that you don’t even need to go to the library to access. Not to mention the number of other places you can get your hands on cheap or free e-titles these days. With all these options building an ebook library is cheaper and infinitely more convenient.

4.    You’ll never really lose a book.


(Photo credit: brody4)

Now I’ll bet that at least a handful of you are asking what happens if the Kindle gets destroyed. Who knows, what happened to my tattered copy of The Foundation Trilogy could potentially happen to a Kindle, I guess. But instead of not being able to find out what happens in those critical last few pages, now all of your titles purchased on Amazon can be accessed, in full, from any device with an internet connection.

iPhone, Android, replacement Kindle, PC or Mac – these books come along with you, and keep your place no matter where you find yourself reading it from.

5.    There’s a built in book light.

Aside from the obvious pain of having to plug the Kindle in every, oh, EIGHT WEEKS *ahem*, isn’t this worth the switch alone? You’ll never need to worry about batteries, where to clip the contraption you currently have or having to get up to turn off the lamp when you’re ready to doze. This by itself is worth the price of admission.

But this list doesn’t even touch on the Kindle’s ability to download games, accept personally uploaded documents or connect with friends on your social network to make sharing quotes while you’re reading quick and easy.

Some titles even let you share them with friends. By my assessment, the only thing a Kindle can’t do is replicate that ‘new book smell’ and it doesn’t feel like paper – so I have a transition plan for all you naysayers. Go get yourself a Kindle, tape some cardboard to the back and slip one of those tree shaped car air fresheners into the cover.

Trust me, you’ll thank me. I promise.

About the Author:-

Jessica Leibovitz is an avid reader, novice home remodeler, and an aspiring author with a full time production management gig – a hectic mix that frequently leaves her desperately wringing out snippets of ‘free-time’ to attend to her social life at large. In those precious few moments between loving her adorable corgis, connecting with her friends and family, and of course, reading or writing (read: banging her head against the wall trying to iron out the next great American novel), she writes book reviews for her blog, To The Point.

So what do you think? Agree with Jess or disagree with vehemence? Do leave your response below and let us know your POV (point of view).

As for me, I am still Switzerland. See ya all next time. Have fun!


13 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Amazon Kindle is better than Books

  1. I agree with you and could list several more reasons. I have a short attention span and get bored by a book quickly. One of my favorite things about the Kindle is that I can read multiple books at the same time. Can you imagine carrying around a bag full of books with you everywhere you go?

  2. funny how I was just talking to my mother, a book worm, about this very sort of thing. She says that nothing feels better than to have a regular book in your hands and reading it during travel. She also says it’s a social thing to. With a Kindle, no one knows what you are reading when you are on the train or bus but if you have a hardcover/paperback, everyone can see what you are reading and strike up a conversation about it.

    • I am a book worm too and love to read while traveling but do you really want a co-passenger to stare at your hardcover and strike up a conversation when you have reached a crucial moment in the story. I would smile ruefully at the person who dared disturb me and go back to reading. But then these are your mom’s thoughts, what do you feel?
      Thanks for leaving a comment, Annie. 🙂

    • Oh my. Maybe I’m just more antisocial than your mother but if a stranger both struck up a conversation at random and interrupted my precious few hours of reading time I’d actually be a little mad. Anything I can do to prohibit that sort of thing the better and if a Kindle helps as an end to that cause even better. I figure if they really wanted to know what I thought they’d read my very public reviews 🙂

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  4. I don’t have a Kindle, but I do have the Kindle app on my iPhone, iPad, and computer.
    I still buy some books from book shops, but the ratio is probably 10:1 Kindle version, now, which is good for reducing clutter around the house.

    • I do the same. I buy romance and other cheesy books in ebook format and my favorite authors or really extraordinary books (as per reviews) in paperback.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Brian. 🙂

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