The Art of Storytelling

Every art is a lesson in passion, sweat and sleepless nights. And so is storytelling.

Ever read a book that wormed its way into your brain, laid eggs in there and colonized all your thoughts for the next couple of weeks? And after the initial addictive phase remained smoldering in the back of your head, prepared to offer up a good topic for discussion in case you were ever asked the name of your favorite book?

That book, my friend, is an art, the finest wine in the story world (it’s always based on your preference any way). But did you ever wonder how much the author must have worked to put such an awe-inspiring work before you? I don’t think many people do.

Well, a book isn’t just a story that was created out of thin air (although the initial idea definitely is so). Writing a book involves a lot of steps that readers never come to know about:-

1. Research on the backdrop. And it has to be extensive for the story to feel real.

2. In-depth write-ups on all the major characters and shallower pieces on the minors. (Try writing the history of your best friend and you will realize how hard it is to do the same for people you are creating out of your thoughts and who don’t have any existence beyond what you give them.)

3. Pages of history on the story world that never turn up in the story.

4. Tons of edits that sieve out all the flowery crap and cut to the chase.

So in short, any novel that truly touches your heart is a work of art in which the author invested their sweat, blood and passion.

And that’s where I am trumped. I am such a lazy bum that the very thought of doing so much work had me hiding away my major writing project for over a year now. But I don’t think I can procrastinate any more.

These last few months have been grueling and we are not even going to talk about the writer’s block, nuh uh! And recently it has started to feel as if something is trying to claw out of my brain. And it’s none other than the “MAJOR PROJECT” I was talking about.

So I guess it’s time to cut to the chase and get the mundane work out of the way once and for all so that I can finally fold my sleeves and get to the heart of true storytelling, the kind that sets my soul on fire.

Want to guess what this “MAJOR PROJECT” is all about? Let’s play a game. 🙂

And just to help me along the way, I will update some of the profound wisdom crap that turns up whenever I am writing. So stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “The Art of Storytelling

    • Exactly. And if the writer is good enough, sometimes the story reads like a movie. I am currently experiencing that very phenomenon with Michael Crichton’s Sphere.

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