A Look Back in Time

Ever flipped through an old photo album? Turned the pages of a heavily written diary from your teenage days? Gossiped with your grandma about how you were as a child? Amazing memories they evoke, don’t they?

Recently I realized that there is a new way of remembering olden times – Facebook. Yup, our dear social networking site isn’t just for updating whiny statuses and uploading drunken photographs. Turns out that if you try hard enough you can actually find your old friends from kindergarten and junior high and be stumped when you realize exactly how mature and old everyone has become.

A few days back without any rhyme or reason I suddenly remembered my best friend from the time when I was little. And incidentally I was scrolling through facebook at that time so it wasn’t surprising that I put her name in the search box and after a few clicks here and there finally landed on her profile. The rest is history…

I was so shocked at how she had turned out that a sort of frenzy took hold of me. And before I knew it I was going through her friends list looking for more friends from my childhood days.

I found many but the one person who gets the prize for rekindling old memories was a girl who was never a friend. This girl, I shall refrain from naming anyone out loud, was the reason why I never had any friends in my younger days (from age six till ten).

This particular girl was a newcomer in the class when we were in first grade and by some odd magic (or just plain personality) she became the “pack leader” of the girls in our class. In fact the situation became so wolf-like in a few months that she also became the go-to girl if any guy had a problem with any girl. (See the pack mentality; it disgusts me even now.)

Every day during lunch break she would be the one to decide what we would play that day, who we would poke and what we would talk about. Well, I say we but I am not including myself in the pack.

This is because I was rebellious even then and didn’t follow anyone blindly. So I would play with these people if it suited me, or stick to myself if they were doing something I didn’t want to get involved in.

And so since I openly defied the “pack leader” I became an outsider, the loner of the class people didn’t want to associate with. And we had big fights, the “pack leader” and me, where neither would back down.

Anyway, it all changed after fifth grade as people learnt to think for themselves and started forming separate groups. The pack disintegrated naturally and I got some friends (well, I was still a loner most days but I had better relations with people). But somehow the memories of my clashes with the “pack leader” have always been stronger and clearer than other childhood memories.

So as I was saying, Facebook has now become my official go-to network if I wish to swim in the memory sea.

What helps bring old memories to the forefront of YOUR mind? Found any new means like me? Do share your thoughts below in the comments’ section. I love hearing from you.


P.S. This, my friends, is a comeback from the land of writer’s block. *Sings in joy* See ya all next time.


2 thoughts on “A Look Back in Time

  1. Facebook is a great way to find old friends. I also use Classmates. It’s funny though, once I get in touch with someone and share some stories, there really isn’t a lot to talk about.
    Glad to see you back, Ria. Good story!

    • Thanks, Jim. And yeah, topics do seem to dry up once every little information has been shared. I am kinda apprehensive about chatting with my best friend from the past because of this very reason.

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