Life without creativity is no life at all.

Have you ever felt that dark tingle in your bones, the chasm of bottomless misery in your heart, the rush of fiery poison in your blood when something you loved the most left you suddenly without a note? Terrible, isn’t it?

That’s how I feel these days whenever I try to write. It’s as if by some cruel twist of fate I have been stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight and no way of returning home – to my ink and paper.

Every time I sit before a piece of paper, or even my laptop for that matter, a burning restlessness scores through me. I haven’t felt this magnitude of helplessness before. I am trapped. All because of one thing – a writer’s block.

I am blocked. I can’t write. I can’t breathe. I can’t survive. It’s like someone is holding me under water for longer than I can hold my breath.

I pace inside my head. I pace outside. Nothing heals this wound. I am walled in all the sides and the enclosure is shrinking with every passing day. I can’t survive.

Inspiration is to creativity what oxygen is to life.

And right this moment I am sitting inside a chamber devoid of the oxygen I need to live. It’s painful, this lack of inspiration, this slow death of my creativity.

As I write this piece after almost three weeks of silence I can feel this tremendous energy blazing inside my soul, thumping on the walls as it looks for cracks to be let out. One sliver, that’s all it needs to break through.

Utterly uninspired that’s what I am now. Can anyone help me break out of this prison?


6 thoughts on “Uninspired

  1. Guess what? You just wrote this. That means you wrote something – you are writing – you can do it.

    My advice would be to write more about these feelings on paper and start exploring why you’re blocked. Ask yourself questions but write it all down. Make this something no-one else is going to read – it’s for your eyes only – you can burn it after if you want. The point is to get the feelings out. Hopefully you’ll find out why you’re blocked through this process and that should help you work through it.

    If that doesn’t work, maybe what’s going on is you need some time off to refuel. Read your favourite books, watch your favourite films and make new favourites of both. Go for long walks. Listen to music. Do something else that’s creative – draw, paint, dance in your bedroom, take photos, sing in the shower, play minecraft, etc. Find something you enjoy and express yourself.

    Above all, don’t despair. I know it feels like it at the moment but this won’t last forever. One day, you’ll be minding your own business and suddenly there’ll be an idea that won’t leave you alone. And just like that, you’ll be writing again.

    • Thank you, Louise. 🙂 I will definitely be taking your advice of writing out my feelings. I have always found writing stuff out easier than saying it aloud. And I have just begun reading another Artemis Fowl book (yeah, yeah, kid stuff but it’s my favorite) and hopefully the humor in it will make my soul sing again. 😀

      *Fingers crossed for the lightning bolt idea.*

  2. How about writing a short story about a writer with writer’s block breaking free and then slowly going crazy?! 😀

    That should help you get started! 😉

    Although I know what you’re saying, I’ve been there myself sometimes…hard to find inspiration when you’re “forced” to find it. It should come naturally. Hopefully you’ll stumble into something thought-provoking that will make it worthwhile to blog about it!

    • Not a bad idea, actually. Slowly going crazy… I am definitely there already. 😉 And now that I think of it maybe the writer develops split personality and become a goody-two-shoes writer by day and a scribe with a howling quill by night… ahem, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, what an inspiration! Thanks!!!! 😀

  3. I have the same problem, I’ve joined the CritiqueCircle.com and have been reviewing stories written by others just to keep busy. I keep writing while I’m waiting for inspiration, but nothing that will ever be seen!

    • That’s a great idea. Three birds with one stone if you ask me – help other people, write stuff when not inspired and finally maybe stumble upon some good inspiration. Maybe I will give it a shot too. Thanks, Jim. 🙂

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