10 Things a Babysitter Never Wants to Hear

The heading must have given you a clue so I am not going to say more (not that I have any experience what so ever with babysitting). So please welcome our latest guest author, Paul Taylor, who has written a surprisingly funny post about some things that babysitters usually come across when tackling the little ones. Continue Paul…

Kids say the darnest things. As a babysitter there are things you love to hear from the children like, ‘I love you!’ and ‘I’m sleepy and ready to go to bed without a fight’, okay maybe that last statement is not entirely true, but you get the idea.

Kids say some pretty funny things, especially when said to a babysitter. There must be something about the lack of parental authority that gets kids in more interesting predicaments, here are 10 things you never want to hear as a babysitter:

1. I hid the cat.

Oh dear. Notify the search party immediately, Mittens has been kidnapped (literally) and hidden. Here is a hint, check the overturned laundry basket.

2. What happens when you swallow a penny?

Swallowing change must be a childhood passage that every child must tempt and toy with. Don’t panic, this too shall pass.

3. I answered your cell phone while you were in the bathroom.

Fantastic. Let’s hope it wasn’t a potential job interview or a date.

4. I couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

It happens to all of us at one point or another. Grab the backups and baby wipes.

5. I gave baby sister a haircut.

Uh oh. Lucy you got some splain’n to do. Besides who said mullets aren’t cool?

6. No, the dog REALLY did eat my homework.

Something babysitters and teachers can bond over Happy Hour – the topic of ‘dogs eating homework’.

7. I drew a picture of you on my bedroom wall!

Isn’t that lovely. Well, at least they are using their creativity and imagination. And do the kids really think your head is that big?

8. Mom said I can stay up later.

Liar. No she didn’t.

9. I found this in mom and dad’s bedroom drawer, what is it?

The kiddos have something that you are definitely not prepared to teach, so um let’s just put that back and you can ask your mom and dad after I leave.

10. I’m telling.

Go ahead. Do it. They got nothing on ya. Except for that one time I accidentally pushed you over during hide n’ seek. Accident.

Babysitting never has a dull moment so just enjoy the good, bad and the ugly. Awkward moments, meltdowns, penny swallowing are just part of growing up and part of your job title. Happy Babysitting!

About the Author:-

Paul and his wife Julie both spend quite a bit of time coming up with ideas, blogging, and researching all things related to childcare. They take care of all the necessary information related to “babysitter job”. He personally thinks his blog will help finding information on all things related to a babysitter.


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