On Death

Ever thought about death? About the inevitable biological clock that is ticking towards our doom?

Ever wondered how fast time flies? Just one day you are ten years old and the next you are forty-three.

Ever imagined the possibility of dying before your time and leaving a lot unsaid and undone? Of leaving behind a thousand mourners, or worse, none?

Life and death go hand in hand. Without one the other exists not. But why all of a sudden has this profound truth dawned on me? The answer is – music.

And not just any kind, but my favorite – Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park. The song is… damn!!!

Hearing the song again has reminded me that time is short, we don’t have forever. So don’t just sit there, run and get your shit together. The clock’s ticking.

And me, well, I have been sprinting since the day I was born. I guess I need to push my feet harder against the ground and get where I wish to before my time ends.

So enjoy this little offering and remember, the concept for today is DEATH.


Do share your thoughts.

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