Guest Post No.4 – Live on Novel Publicity

Hey there, readers! Wassup? Today is a Sunday and so I am going to keep this post short and sweet.

Guess who just wrote another guest post? Yours truly, yes I did.

My article on character development (an essential element of fiction writing) was recently published on Novel Publicity. It is called Where Characters Come From – The Basics of Character Development.

Here’s a short summary of the piece:-

Characters in fiction, the most loved and the most hated, basically come from four sources – yourself (the writer), people you know, people you don’t know and pure imagination. The article focuses on how to efficiently use each source and avoid the notorious pitfalls.

So if you are a writer then I advise you to head over to this link below and derive some knowledge. And in case you aren’t a writer… well, I have always tried being entertaining, haven’t I? Maybe you can just give it a read for the heck of it, what say?

Anyway, so that’s it for today. Here’s the link:-

Come back tomorrow for Inspire Me. I have something good in store for you.

Hasta La Vista… or whatever.



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