Observations of a Driver

Today is a fine day. Because today is Guest Posting Friday! And guess who is with us today (I seem to have fixated on today too much today). It’s none other than Jim Liston, blogger/faithful Spyglassviewer reader (I love my community). And he has written a brilliant post about some road-side observations that I am sure every one of you must have witnessed one time or the other. So without further ado, continue Jim…

1. Sitting at a stop light…

Have you ever sat at a stop light and had a car that is a couple of cars ahead of you not paying attention when the light changes?

They’re just sitting there, maybe putting on makeup, maybe texting, on the phone, or chatting with their passenger. What do you do? Just sit there and plan on not moving until the light changes the next time?

Well, I don’t have that kind of patience, so I lightly honk the horn to get their attention. That’s what the horn is for, right?

Well, it never fails, but the person who is directly in front of me gets mad thinking that I’m honking at them! They’ll give me a dirty look and then raise their hands, palms up with the attitude, “I can’t go anywhere, why are you honking at me?”

So I’ll try to point with a forward motion, saying “I’m not honking at you, I’m honking at them!” But I don’t think they get it.

2. Getting directions…

I used to have a job where I would talk to people on the phone and get directions to their houses, so I could drive there. Some of the directions that I’ve gotten from people make me wonder how they ever get anywhere.

I’ve had people tell me to, “Go down 6th street and make a left.” I’ll ask them which direction is “down 6th street”, north or south? They’ll act like I’m crazy and say, “It depends which way you’re coming from.”

No, it doesn’t, north is always north!

Another favorite of mine is, “Turn right where the old Johnson farm used to be.”

Yeah, I don’t know who the Johnson’s are or where they used to live.

Once I had a guy giving me directions to his farm say, “Go about 29 rods and turn left.”

I thought maybe he was using a fishing rod to measure with.

Another told me to, “Keep going till you see a large elm tree.”

I’m sorry, but I had no idea what this large elm tree was going to look like, so I just kept going and going.

3. Following someone with emergency flashers on…

This is something that I’ve been wondering about for quite some time now and really haven’t figured it out. So maybe someone who knows the answer will read this and explain it to me.

Every so often I’ll see someone driving down the road with their emergency flashers on. What does that mean? “Look out, I’m a crazy driver!” or does the driver have a sixth sense and knows that an emergency is about to happen?

I never know what to do. Should I follow closely behind him and wait for the upcoming disaster, or get away from him as fast as possible to save my life? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

About the Author:-

Jim Liston is a guest blogger whose interests include playing insane fast bluegrass on his mandolin, reliving his childhood by collecting Beatles memorabilia, and reading e-books on his Kindle. Visit him at http://jimsgotweb.com.


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