Do you feel big when you stare at the ant hill? Or maybe even the little runt of a runner climbing up your windowsill? Or the teeny tiny hummingbird that zits around more like a bee than a bird? Well, I am here you to make you feel small.

Imagine beyond and you will realize just how small you are. Can’t you see that the city you live in is like a mite compared to your state? Or that your country is a bleb on the map of the world unless you are a resident of one of the largest countries of the world (like me). And if you are then you are almost invisible if you consider the wriggling mass of bodies residing in your country right now.

And even then you are small. Stare at the sky and you can feel the vastness of the universe pressing down upon you. Haven’t you wondered just how tiny Earth is compared to Jupiter? And that’s just considering this solar system.

Go beyond and you will go mad before your mind can encompass the vastness present out there.

Now come back for a second into your own body. Can you feel your smallness? Maybe it’s time to make you feel big again.

What does this photograph bring to your mind?

To mine it sends countless images of rich caves hiding behind the leaves. Maybe a few boats docked on the shore, which we can’t see. A scene out of a pirate movie if you ask me. But is it really that big? Or it is a microcosm fooling your eyes?

It is the latter. The photograph above was taken by me recently on a trip. And I just had to click it because the small hole before me looked bigger than it was in reality.

Maybe it’s the haven of tiny insects (and it is). A small universe in a small hole. Doesn’t that make you feel big now?

The universe is full of variables and paradoxes. Where you might seem big one day you are tinier than an ant the next. Where you might be sure of yourself one day you might be fumbling in confusion the next.

Paradox. That’s the concept for today.

I hope my inspiration inspired you in return. Come back this Wednesday for a post about the trip I mentioned earlier. Spoiler: It involves hanging bridges. So till the next time, have fun!

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