Happy Friendship Day!

Hello there people! Hope you are having a nice day, what with it being Friendship Day and all, eh? My wishes to you, of course.

But then we all know how I am so I gotta say what I have on my mind. Okay, so here we go:-

I think celebrating Friendship Day is dumb. It’s just another creation of the card companies just so that they can sell some more bits of paper with cheesy stuff written on them. Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought of that even once. (I know you have!)

I am sure you are expecting me to say next that I think every day is Friendship Day and some crap. And that we should celebrate having friends every single day of our lives. But I am not gonna do that. (Although technically I just did that.)

Actually I am not a cheesy sorta person. I have always found the ritualistic exchange of friendship bands tedious. Seriously, after wasting money on such nonsense for people who meant nothing to me I have now arrived at a conclusion.

The very fact that I don’t want to tie a friendship band around my friends’ wrists tells that I really do consider them as my friends and do not need any validation for that. Geez, talk about being enlightened a little too late (I could have saved all that money!).

But anyway, there’s no harm in celebrating friendship day. And considering that a new KFC is in town I don’t think any of my friends (or me) can resist dropping by to snarf down some fried chicken (or chicken popcorn for that matter, which happens to be my favorite).

So catch ya all later. Go out, have fun, and be nice!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day!

  1. Mmm! Fried chicken! Wait, I forgot what I was going to say. Oh yeah, friendship day. I completely agree with you about the card companies creating holidays to sell cards. My wife and I don’t recognize Valentines Day either. Instead, we show our feelings for each other every day. So yeah, fried chicken sounds really good!

    • That’s so right. Valentine’s Day is another bogus day for me, what with all the flowers and chocolates and sweet stuff. A diabetologist’s nightmare (or sweet dream, however you take it). 😉

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