If I Won the Lottery

Guess what is today? Guest Posting Friday! And as usual I have another guest author all dressed up to entertain the hell out of you. So please welcome Tim Torkildson, who will be remembered as the first person to submit a poem for Spyglassviewer. Woo hoo! Continue Tim…

If I Won the Lottery

Scratching off a winning ticket from the lottery,

Hasn’t changed a single thing about poor little me.

I still take the bus to work, my lunch is in a sack,

I just send my kids to school inside a Cadillac.

I’m paying off the debts of friends and fam’ly, by the way,

Pulling up the kitchen floor to put in some parquet.

I’m a simple person and a sudden windfall means,

Less to me than onion peel or any hill of beans.

Sure I bought a diamond ring and bracelets made of gold,

And that leather jacket to protect me from the cold.

But otherwise I haven’t changed, my needs are very basic,

I’m getting liposuction and then going in for Lasik.

Of course, our house is very small; I do not like to cramp it,

I wonder can I move into that place owned by Jed Clampett?

About the author:-

Tim Torkildson writes part-time for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and is a free-lance blogger for companies such as http://www.disabilityinsurancelawyers.com/.


6 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery

  1. Quite frank and reasonable list of desires. I once asked my pal what if he won the 500,000 bucks from the lottery that he purchased, he said he would purchase 1000 more of them.

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