Do you feel caged at times? Feel as if someone has wound chains around your soul and left you hanging over a cliff? Feel the Occam’s Razor in breaking free or staying put, both offering death but of a different kind?

I feel that almost every day of my life. As if I am not really living. As if my impulsiveness is just a pretense of being free when in reality I have shelved my soul so far away that even empathy escapes me.

I find the human society like the birds within the bulb. Pretending to have freedom of every kind when in reality it has imprisoned itself with its own rules.

Haven’t you ever felt the shackling presence of it in your life? The presence that tells you that there is comfort in the comfort zone and sticking to the crowd? That taking risks are unthinkable abominations?

That’s why I love rebels. The ones who break free knowing that they might fall against the rock bottom eventually but who still fly the entire distance to that point knowing that they aren’t ruled by anyone but their own selves. The ones who know that breaking the glass of the bulb is an easy thing to do if only you have the courage to shatter it.

*sigh* I am stuck inside my head, trying to solve a mystery so profound that it consumes everything. Let’s just hope my ensuing moroseness doesn’t bleed into my writing after this.


3 thoughts on “Caged

  1. That image is so me, i used to be a servicemember back in my country and i joined because i love to serve my motherland and in that time despite the military system i felt free, and i felt my life worth something, i had an accident and now i work for a crappy callcenter of capitalone that pays shit (im in panama, if you are a customer from capitalone please dont call you are promoting paid slavery, they pay you 3 buck per hour and you only have right to one day off and they want you to collect 2k per hour) my gf wants me to study in an university and everything and i dont want, i simply want to go back and serve she only see money doesnt sees anything else and thats worlds slavery and i cry everyday relentlessly feeling no solace and feeling that a motherfucker bank(pardon my french) owns my damn life, im partially disabled as well

    • Thank you Victor for sharing that. All I can say is try and find something you love. A hobby or a job that truly makes you happy.

      • I know, its hard because as a country im development its hard to get a good paying job, all jobs are badly paid and callcenter are no exception, you are subject to pressure om a daily basis and basiclly im done, im done with those dudes, and by the way ria can you delete the first comment i feel somewhat ashamed of my words, i normally dont speak with foul language jeje

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