A Letter To My Ten-Year-Old Self

Dearest One,

You may find it weird once you receive this letter, may even pass it off as a prank (although I am not so sure given that you are 10), but this letter is of utmost importance.

I know you have a lot of rage inside your soul and have walled up tremendously to mark yourself as the lone wolf among ignorant sheep who bleat nonsense whole day long (Meh, meh!).

I also know that you feel foolish most of the time because you aren’t a high roller in the class, or any roller for that matter, and are far beneath the radar of your teachers who seem to coddle students who have already shown their agile mental capabilities while yours still remain in the shadowy realm of the undiscovered.

But worry not. You are in for a great surprise. You see, my dear one, your endurance will actually harden you to face the world as an adult (ask me) and live free of the debilitating need to follow the inane social norms that inflict teens everywhere. In fact don’t be surprised if you grow up to have a speech pattern as subtle as a gun.

And stop worrying that you are foolish. Believe me, you are not. Such a position is for clay-brained nincompoops. Understand that you will soon migrate to a world where people will see your potential and help you unearth it. Give it two more years at most. This older self of yours by eight more years is proof of that.

Furthermore, I would like to inform you that you will soon meet your passion. But since time travelling letters mustn’t reveal too much of the future in case the past decides to go against it and cause idiotic mishaps (not that I do not trust you) thus I am unable to reveal what it will be. But rest assured that by the time you reach my age it will be the one thing ruling your head and your heart every waking minute of your day (and I am not referring to the male species; they can hardly provide enough amusement to hold ones attention).

But before I end this correspondence I must reassure you about one thing. You aren’t destined to be plagued by rage that blinds your mind of reason and leaves you in the wrath of migraines afterwards. The day will come very soon when you will, if not tame the beast, at least befriend it.

I hope you will see reason when the time comes and take it upon yourself to finally open your eyes and see your true self.

Yours faithfully,

Your Older Self by Eight Years

P.S. Gotcha sucker!

P.P.S. Try not to stare too much at the mirror. You will not believe how scary gazing at your soul can be.

So you see how utterly insane I am? I mean, come on, who writes a letter to a ten-year-old kid in a language that must have been the day-to-day tongue of British people in the 18th century? Yeah, I don’t think my little self will give it even half a second of her attention.

Anyway, I hope it was entertaining. Have you ever wondered what you would write to your own younger self if you got the chance? (Remember to write in crypt like me. The Time Traveling Objects’ Supervision Squad is notoriously known for their habit of altering text in case you reveal any detail that might affect the future, or even be partially understandable.)

So that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for a dose of Inspire Me. And till then, write like a maniac and have fun!

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