Personality In Your Shoes: The Way People Walk

Unless you are a monk who lives alone in a jungle somewhere (although it stumps me how you have internet connection) you must have seen a lot of different people around you. And different people have different walking styles.

I think people match their walk to their personalities. Come on, you won’t find a bully walking with a hunched back or a shy person walking with a swagger. And so today I have decided to do a quick post on the different ways people walk. Let’s see if I got yours right.

1. The Fugitives

These shady characters will be lurking in the sidelines. Their quick flickering eyes as they scan the room and their jerky gait as they rush unrhythmically from one point to another reminds one of a sneak thief preparing to cut your purse and get away with it. And if you try to make eye contact with one there will be a flash second of deer-in-headlights look on their face before they avert their entire body away from you as if hiding some secret in the murky depth of their hoodies.

Personality Type: The victim. These people are genuinely afraid of crowds and would like nothing better than to hole up in some dark corner of the world and have the entire populace just leave them the hell alone. Mostly they are bullied teens but watch out, some might also be the real deal. My advice, leave them alone. Better safe that mauled.

2. The Hurried Gait

2011 Grand Rapids Montessori Walk-a-Thon and P...

Mostly found here.

There’s always one in the crowd. These people walk as if they are in a walk-a-thon and are itching to win it. In fact they walk so fast at times that they will whoosh past you and leave you feeling like Wile. E. Coyote.

Personality Type: The busy bee. They are either rushing to some meeting or too eager to get out of a crowd so that they can get some real work done. After all time is money and it’s not healthy to splurge.

3. The Hunch Back of Notre Dame

Cover of "Hunch Back of Notre Dame (Class...

Exaggeration is not a crime. Or is it?

We all have at least one friend who is like this one. These people walk with a slight hunch whether they are swaggering or sleepwalking. Guess they are immune to the constant badgering of parents and teachers who keep on telling you to correct your posture.

Personality Type: Defensive. Mostly these people are shy and do not like to be put in the spotlight. But at times it might be just plain defensiveness or a sign that says “Leave Me Alone.” And let’s not forget that most tall people have this postural defect. Must be because their height has trumped their need to become one with the wall.

4. The Sleep Walkers

Now these are classic pieces. Lost in their thoughts they walk in a trance and seem to reach their destination somehow without colliding with people or electric poles. And don’t even bother calling out to them in a crowd. Believe me, they can’t hear you.

Personality Type: Thinkers. These people are always thinking (reminds me of myself a little). And if you were a telepath then you would realize just how deep their train of thoughts can go. In fact they might be thinking about mummies as they walked on the busy sidewalk of Times Square.

5. The Draggers

Totally irritating. That’s the only word to describe these lazy SOBs. They drag their feet as they walk, creating that awful scratching sound that jarrs through your eardrums. And don’t bother asking them not to walk like that. They will go slower just to annoy you.

Personality Type: Lazy bums (okay, I might be a little prejudiced here 😛 ). These people don’t have a care in the world. And the next best thing they can do is go back home and plunk their asses on the bed and doze off for eight hours.

6. Move with Swagger

Ah, the overconfident ones. They think they own the world. And you won’t be surprised if they turned out to be narcissistic too. They are mostly found swaggering down a hallway since they were kicked out of the class for their smartassiness.

Personality Type: Narcissist. Do I need to say more?

7. The Power Walk

English: Photograph shows stock brokers workin...

The leaders. These dudes (or dudettes) will blend in very well in the corporate class where people must show confidence in everything they do. And they aren’t your smart alecs either. They know where they are going, what they are doing and might also have a lot of statistical data to trump you on your ass if you plan on being oversmart with them.

Personality Type: Leaders. They seem to know everything and that does intimidate your average Jane’s and Joe’s. And everyone knows them because they stand out.

8. The Pendular Ass

Okay, these people are all female. And I am not talking about the anatomical difference between males and females that makes the latter walk like this. Nope, I am talking about the ones who put that extra throw in their behinds. Almost like a feline in heat, showing off her junk to the tomcats. The deliberate ass(c)tion to draw eyeballs.

Personality Type: El Desperados. And I don’t have to say anything more. We all know such characters and how fake they can behave at times (or most of the time).

So this was my assessment of the way different people walk. I find myself doing the power walk most of the time but at times it becomes a swagger with a slight hunch. And let’s not ask my friends. They will tell you that I am in a trance always. 😛

So do you agree with my assessment? Or have some more points you would like to add? Are you a power walker or a lazy dragger?

Do share your thoughts by leaving comments. I love hearing from you people.

That’s it for today. I hope I didn’t bore you. Come back this Friday to meet a guest author who has written a marvelous piece just for you. And till then, have fun exploring walks!

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P.P.S Header credit for The Pendular Ass goes to my sister. (She wants proof that I won’t cheat her out of her idea.)

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5 thoughts on “Personality In Your Shoes: The Way People Walk

  1. Which one are you?

    My boyfriend has a very distinctive walk – kind of a lope – long, bouncy strides. What does that mean?

    Also, people walk differently depending on their mood. In fact, of these the only ones I don’t recognise as ways I walk are: the fugitive and the hunchback.

    • Yup, moods do affect the way you walk. In fact if you look carefully you will see that each and every one of these walking patterns are ear marked for a particular emotion. But my categorizing people on the basis of their walking styles only took into consideration how people walk most of the time, i.e the emotion that colors them most of the time.

      I think your boyfriend’s long, bouncy strides indicate playfulness. I do that at times when I feel mischievous or right after I have planted a prank. But in general it shows good humor.

  2. Your text is interesting and funny, although you can see, of course, that it is a quick, prejudiced and unscientifical judgment 😉 But I assume it wasn´t meant to be serious. To be honest, I don´t recognize myself or many people I know here, most of the walking ways you described do exist, and you see them occasionally, but they are a bit exxagerated and most people can´t be categorized so easily. Or maybe they simply have a bit of everything. 🙂 Every person´s walking style is unique. I don´t know how I walk actually, I should ask my friends. I do have a friend with a slight hunch who is a bit shy. My father has always been (especially when he was a bit younger) walking with swaying arms, very long, bouncy strides (maybe a bit like Louise´s boyfriend), as though he were walking on clouds, and turning his head looking around at the world with interest. An impressive boy I know doesn´t have the “power walk” nor the sleepwalking one, rather a calm, serene, and very confident walk, hands in pockets. I used to be intrigued about a boy in my school who walked in a very fast, crazy way, his head mostly a bit down and sometimes moving, and at the same time seeming to talk or smile to himself.
    But what do you actually mean with the power walk? I do have a friend (also quite an impressive girl) who always walks quite fast in a sure, goal-oriented way, but nothing to do with time or money :P.

    Anyway, interesting analysis!

    • Hi Klara! To begin with, thanks for leaving a comment, and yes, this post is definitely prejudiced (I won’t be writing from the point of view of people who aren’t me, after all…). 😉 Now about the power walk, I call it that because it is powerful, not because of the money or time or whatever. Those were just to give the reader an idea of a corporate executive. Power walks are confident walks, long strides, head held high, it doesn’t always have to be fast. It just needs to exude confidence and mostly it makes other people feel that the person doing the walk is a little superior to them (they won’t admit it but it is true… ). 😛

  3. Okay… Now I understand what you mean, haha. What names would you give to the other ways of walking I described?

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