The Dark Knight Rises: An Experience Like No Other

The Dark Knight Rises

Anyone with half a brain would understand what has me raving after reading the header. Oh yeah, the dark knight has me going in crazy fan girl circles even now.

We went for the movie last night, me and my family. I was excited when we walked into PVR and was expecting a movie that would blow my mind. But after watching the epic end of the Batman trilogy I think blown-out-of-my-mind is a sentiment that falls too short of explaining exactly how I feel.

But this post is not going to be a review of the movie. I will leave that to movie critiques. This is going to be about all the things I loved about it.

To begin with, Batman has stolen my heart. He was fast, handsome and absolutely hypnotic. And near the end when he explains that since no one knows who Batman is, it can be anyone, I finally realized that he is the kind of superhero people should worship. A superhero who doesn’t have super powers but is still a superhero because he cares. A superhero who can be anyone, you or me, anyone.

Christian Bale as Batman.

But the too heavy voice in this guise is a big turn-off.

Besides Batman, I loved the villain, Bane. He was everything a villain must have. And is it a little weird if I say I found the man very hot? Believe me, I hadn’t even checked out who was playing Bane before I went for the movie.

And I absolutely loved the machines. They were fast, loaded and everything a machine freak would die to own. Especially, the “BAT”. I wouldn’t mind owning that. Scratch that, I would kill to own one!

But apart from all these attractions what made the experience so unforgettable for me was that I went for the movie believing that Christopher Nolan would have me on the edge of the seat throughout, which he did, but what I hadn’t expected was learning something of immense importance.

I am not talking about morals, or leadership or whatever you might be thinking. All that is fine but what I learnt was how a story is supposed to be executed. And that my dear friends, is something very important to every writer.

The story had me biting my nails to stubs. It didn’t let the adrenaline from the previous attack dry before new fire was pouring through my veins as I watched more conflict injected into the tale. In fact the story was so intricate that I doubt another director could have executed it as well as Christopher Nolan.

It was all there:-

1.A protagonist that inspired you and had you batting for his team immediately.

2. A three-dimensional villain whose purpose wasn’t to antagonize the hero but something more concrete and substantial, more evil.

3. A cast of supporting characters who not only added life to the screen but had intricate stories of their own (especially the cat burglar).

4. A web of scenes that were interconnected and were ultimately crystal clear in the end. And the unforgettable conflict packed into every scene that made each stand out on its own.

5. The twist in the end that threw predictability out of the window.

6. And finally, an ending that was not only realistic but exceeded the expectations of the viewers.

To say it was one hell of an educational video for me would be an understatement. Till then I knew what it took to be a great writer and create a story that breathed on its own but never before had I had the knowledge slamming straight into my brain where it would stay.

I recommend the movie to each and every one who still hasn’t watched it. It was that good. In fact it was so good that it will have you screaming inside your head in pleasure.

So have you seen the movie? Did you like it? What do you think about the shooting in Aurora during the premiere?

Do share your thoughts. I love to hear from you people.

So that’s it for today. Come back on Wednesday for something new. Till then, watch the movie and have fun!

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: An Experience Like No Other

  1. Heya, I’m with you on this one. Christopher Nolan’s created a three-stage masterpiece. I think the last one falls just a bit short of “The Dark Knight”, but that’s probably because of Heath Ledger’s icon performance as The Joker, which was hard to top!

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing a superhero movie like this one for looooooong time!

    • I am a dork. I admit it. I haven’t seen the first two Batman movies in the trilogy. And it was because of an older Batman movie I watched. It had Riddler as the villain and was okayish but nothing you would remember (I don’t even remember the name of that movie).

      But this one… God! The Dark Knight Rises was too good. And I was actually excited about watching it because I loved the trailer. Now I guess I gotta download Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and enjoy some more Bat Magic! 😉

  2. Loved the first two films but I found this one disappointing. Got pretty bored towards the end – they dragged out the bomb thing for too long and I didn’t care whether it went off or not. Also, Bane just didn’t do it for me – probably because the Joker was so charismatic. Anne Hathaway was an excellent cat-woman, though, and I’ve loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt since 3rd Rock. The rich vs poor was a good theme, too, and that motorbike was awesome.

    • I haven’t watched the first two films but Heath Ledger is awesome so I believe you. But I loved The Dark Knight Rises. Infact the prolonging of the bombing thing, especially the ultimate revelation near the end won my heart over. I don’t like it when movies are predictable. And I loved every minute of the stomach gnawing suspense. 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a comment.

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