50th Subscriber Celebration: Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to Spyglassviewer!

Today is an awesome day and to make it awesomer here is some great news – Spyglassviewer just got its 50th subscriber. Well, actually 53 because no. 50 happened two days back and since then we have snagged three more victims subscribers!

And since this is a landmark moment for the blog, we are going to celebrate it as it should be celebrated.

To mark this occasion I am going to give away copies of a book that I am sure will be useful. It is:-

So what is the book all about? Well, it’s about ideaviruses.

An ideavirus is an idea that goes so viral that it brings fame, fortune and success to its creator. The concept says “Do not market AT people. Let them market YOU.”

Confused? Here’s an example: Think along the lines of the music industry. Someone somewhere got the brilliant idea of selling songs online. Well, the music industry thought it was cute and not a threat to their operations and look where it got them.

That one idea exploded and now people do not buy music CDs anymore (most people) and instead easily download whatever music they like at a marginal price on the net. So obviously that “someone” who began the music revolution earned huge and became really successful.

That was an ideavirus. An idea that went viral and took over the world. And although some ideaviruses are more prolific than others, an ideavirus can be the difference between success and obscurity.

So, are you eager to land your hands on this amazing book? (Copyrights won’t be violated.) Here’s what you have got to do:-

1. If you are a subscriber and have already liked Spyglassviewer’s facebook page.

Then just fill out the form and you are done! You may leave a comment below if you want.


2. If you are a subscriber and haven’t liked Spyglassviewer’s facebook page.

Then do it and then refer 1 (above).

3. If you are not a subscriber.

Then sign up for the email updates and like Spyglassviewer’s facebook page (for more info check out the right sidebar near the top). And once you are done go to 1. (Above)

There is no time limit for subscribing so feel free to keep at it… until I get my 100th subscriber that is. The celebration will be all new then. 😀

So that’s it for today. But before I leave let’s shout out once more WOOHOO!!!!!

P.S. Share this post and let your friends know about the giveaway. Let’s spread the knowledge of an ideavirus!


3 thoughts on “50th Subscriber Celebration: Giveaway!

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  2. What a great offer! I’ve “Liked” you and have subscribed to your RSS feed, but can’t fill out the form. Seems like the server, “emailmeform.com” has left the building. I’ll check back later.

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