Inspire Me

Blogging is hard. The last 10 months have taught me that the hard way. In fact if you are not posting thrice a week then you can guarantee that you will spiral down and give up on the whole gig within one month’s time.

And here’s a secret — posting every day is easier than posting thrice a week.

Well, the ones who don’t do it will say that it’s BS. They will also ask why I think writing something good everyday is easier than three times a week where we have more time on our hand between each post.

Well, here’s the answer — blogging everyday makes it a habit. And habits are easy to follow through than something which is not. Believe me, in the beginning it will be hard to go with the daily plan (remember the diet plans fat people make?). But when you get that momentum after two or three weeks you won’t have to push yourself to be inspired. It will come automatically.

But why am I writing this now? Am I planning to begin this humongous task?

Actually I am not… yet. Knowing myself I won’t be able to see the plan through for even a week (and believe me, that has happened). But a slow increase in the posting schedule will prepare me for the ultimate daily blogging.

That’s what all this rambling about. Till now I have been posting three days a week. From now on I will post four — Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

And since this will require some rocket fuel to push me through the initial inertia I have decided to post on Mondays a segment I shall hence forth call Inspire Me.

But what is Inspire Me?

Nothing out of the world obviously. I will select a photo that inspires me and write anything the visual stimulus “inspires me” to write. And since I am an art freak be prepared to be put through some hauntingly beautiful pictures.

…but I am not done yet. Inspire Me doesn’t pack enough punch to get me through the next month of four posts a week. And so I have joined a Summer Blog Challenge hosted by a lovely blog by the name Going Green With The Grizls. Although the task is simple, follow the daily prompt and post everyday till the last day of August, I am not going to do that.

I will just pick the prompts I like and write on the assigned days. Rocket fuel to my inertia.

So what are your blogging plans? Any challenges you have accepted lately?

See ya all again this Friday… with a humorous guest in tow. Till then, have fun.

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9 thoughts on “Inspire Me

  1. I started blogging over the summers and have been posting almost daily.However,with college starting,my blogging plan from next week onwards is to write at least twice a week.Everyday won’t be possible i guess.the blog challenge looks interesting though,i’ll check it out 😀

    • That’s the spirit!. Although I did read in Robert Lee Brewer’s blog (he is the editor of Writer’s Digest, USA) that if you make an blog editorial calender then it will help you write more efficiently. That is write down your plan for the week and even if you are able to complete 75% of it then you can consider the week a good one.
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Best of luck with your new blogging schedule, Ria. I tried to follow John Locke’s advice of posting once a month, and so far I’ve failed miserably. But I’ve managed to post a couple of reviews this month though.

    • I was a once a week blogger during the early days of Spyglassviewer and found the experience both depressing and frustrating when that plan didn’t convert to great traffic and interaction (I call that approach watering my garden one time a week). But then how could it be satisfying when I wasn’t even sticking around my own blog to help it flourish.
      I think you shouldn’t take John Locke’s advice on this and write at least thrice a week. Make it a habit and you will before long start loving your blog.

      Try out this blog It is the blog of social media expert and famous author of We Are Not Alone, Kristen Lamb. Her advice on writing, blogging, marketing, etc. has really helped me grow.

      And thank you for the wishes. I hope I stick to my plan. 🙂

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