The Night We Turn 18

Everyone knows the significance of the 18th birthday. The day we finally become adults by some magical means… or well, legally at least. The day after which you can’t escape the gory reality of prison if you decide to take an ice pick and stab someone in their neck. The day that marks… okay, I get it that you get it!

Anyway, turning 18 is a big deal. Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t think that as soon as the clock struck twelve on your special day you would be granted some super powers to make life as easy as slipping on a banana peel… okay, wrong imagery, forget I said the last bit.

So here are a few things I thought would happen to me when I turned 18 (which was almost a year ago):-

5. The New X-MEN… Man… uh Woman.

I love X-MEN. Especially Wolverine and his adamantium claws. And nothing would have been better than waking up to find out that I had some mutation myself.

Well, I wasn’t thinking about getting claws, that wouldn’t be unique. But the ability to write something into reality was definitely one of the things I had on my mind.

But now that I think about it that would be a dangerous power indeed in my hands. Quick, hide before Striker comes with a chainsaw!

4. Telekinesis

Okay, I admit it, I did think of this rather common and mundane power. Not that it would be mundane to a lazy person like me. Heaven is surely a place where you don’t have to get up to grab the TV remote off the table.

3. Shape-Shifting

And I am not talking about werewolves… or even werechihuahuas (A.M. I am talking to you!). I mean shape-shifting of the purest kind like the one displayed by Mystique. Now that’s what I call the ultimate deception (you can see that most of my imagination is influenced by X-MEN).

It would have been absolutely perfect if I could change my skin and become anyone and anything. Definitely something an actor would crave like hell.

2. If I were a witch…

Oh yeah, nothing is better than having magic course through your veins and sparking off your fingertips (figuratively).

And since such a possibility tickled my arrogance and superiority-complex I am sure there wouldn’t have been a happier person on the planet if it had come true (…which it did not, alas!).

And finally the one thing that still hounds my daydreams…

1. The Winged One

Imagine having two beautiful, elegant and absolutely hypnotic wings growing out of your back. Wings that are the palest silver in color with shimmering gold marking the tips of every filament of every feather. Now that is what I call a heavenly life.

I have always wanted to fly. Always wanted to feel the rush of the night air and the exhilaration of touching death’s cold, skeletal fingers as I dropped from ten thousand feet high in the air and then banked my tremendous velocity in the last minute to rise high once again, all the while feeling the intensity of adrenaline coursing through my blood.

But there is one flaw in the whole wish. Can a devil be an angel?

Anyway, the point is I love it when things are edgy. Can’t help my temperament now, can I?

So there you go, my top five 18th pre-birthday hopes/post-birthday disappointments.

Did you ever have such absolutely idiotic but charming wishes? And please no unicorns, I am sure we can leave that territory to the five-year-olds (I liked Lego more than horned candy horses though).

So till the next time keep dreaming! 🙂

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