Genius Strikes the Net Again: Guest Post No.3

Hello and welcome back to Spyglassviewer! Today is a short day for the folks here and so I am going to make this quick.

Guess who wrote her third guest post and had it featured on a relatively popular conspiracy theory influenced blog. Okay, if your guess was Harry the dog who can play the violin then boy, you are waaaay off the mark. Anyway, I meant me!

Oh yeah, yours truly wrote another marvelous piece that would blow your mind away. It’s named:-

A World Without Internet, As We Know It Today

Cool huh!?

So what’s the post all about? I have only one word for it – it’s legen-wait-for-it-dary:-

How would the world be if we were to wake up one day and realize that internet had vanished off the face of Earth? Well, after the initial panic and cries about an imminent apocalypse it will all come down to the pros and cons of not having internet. And that’s exactly what the post is about.

But of course since it’s written by me it has a fairly good dose of witticism and humor to keep that unpredictable narcoleptic attack at bay.

So head over to the (cool name, huh!) and check out this interesting article. Here’s the link

(Warning: The post is indeed written article style so be prepared to be disappointed if you wish to scan it quickly.)

And since I love being persistent, the link once again in case you missed the ones above –

So have you ever taken part in guest blogging before? If yes, I would love to know about it.

My first guest post was for a parenting site talking about how I absolutely do not like the prospect of being a mom (talk about saying you are an atheist in a church). But it hit off pretty well so I guess that was a good start. 😀

Anyway, that’s it for today. Come back day after tomorrow for a more regular post with an interesting twist. A hint to keep you up at night – it revolves around wishes.

Till the next time, have fun!

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