6 Weird Questions Kids Ask

Kids are inquisitive. Three words that can both signify massive trouble or endless barrage of questions. And that’s what today’s guest post is all about. Please welcome our latest guest author, Kelsey Clark who has written an interesting piece on kids and their universally known penchant for asking questions every minute of every day. Continue Kelsey…

If you have kids, or are around kids, then you know that they ask some very strange questions. Sometimes, as adults, it is hard to answer them.

Not everyone is well versed in the oddities of the human body, or the reasons why and how things in the world work. While we can all answer some questions, like where do babies come from, other ones we aren’t quite so familiar with aren’t so easy to answer.

Here are some typical questions kids ask and a simple, accurate answer you can give them:-

1. Why do we have nose hair?

Well, little Timmy, there is a simple answer to that. We have nose hair and eye lashes for the same reason; to keep dirt and dust from getting inside us. The small hair do a lot more than you would think to keep the dust from sticking to wet parts like our eyeballs and sinuses.

2. What makes color?

Light does. Inside every beam of sunlight are all the colors in the world. When light hits an object, like a red ball, some of the colors are absorbed and some are reflected. The color that is reflected is the one that our eyes see. Therefore a red ball is every color BUT red… But you don’t have to add that last part if you don’t want to!

3. Why do some animals’ eyes glow in the dark?

This question usually comes up when the cat has been skulking around at night. Many nocturnal creatures have eyes that appear to glow because they have a reflective layer on the back of their eyes. This layer helps bounce around the dim light of nighttime so that their eyes can use more of it, allowing them to see better in the dark.

4. Why does my tummy rumble?

Many times you will hear this question after reading or watching Winnie the Pooh. The sounds your stomach makes are a result of pockets of air trapped inside as your intestines attempt to digest food. The muscles contract to push the food through and if an air pocket is there it can make a funny sound or sometimes a weird feeling.

5. How do we taste?

Assuming the child is not cannibalistic, they are probably asking about how the tongue works. The tongue can taste five separate things: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. Using taste buds, which are like little pores in your tongue, your body associates different combinations with different foods. Combine that with smell and that is what we actually taste when we eat.

6. Why do we get goose bumps?

Goose bumps happen when you are cold or scared. They are the body’s way of trying to raise your ‘fur’. When animals are cold, they puff up their fur to capture the body heat around them and keep themselves warmer. When they are scared, they puff out their fur to make themselves look bigger than they are so no one will attack them. Since humans don’t have fur, we just get goose bumps.

Hopefully, these simple answers will satisfy them. If they continue to be as curious, don’t get upset. Just encourage them to find the answers on their own. Books and online sources such as How Things Work are usually a good starting place.

About the Author:-

Kelsey is the editor-in-chief for findananny. She loves to write articles and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through online nanny finder. She is a professional writer & loves writing.


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