How Alcohol Wiped Out My Memory… Almost!

Hello and welcome to Spyglassviewer! My regular followers will know that my last post was an interview with an amazing writer named Tina Tolley who had won the Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest I had organized a while back. And you will also recall that due to an overexceeding word limit I wasn’t able to include a small anecdote Tina had written exclusively for Spyglassviewer so that you all could get a glimpse of her amazing personality.

Well, as I promised, today we have with us our dear Tina who will share this amazing story with you.

But before we begin let me ask you, how many of you have ever drunk alcohol and woken up the next morning to realize that the most awesome moments of your life have just gone hazy? Well, I haven’t I will tell you point blanc but the following humorous anecdote goes along those lines.

Enjoy the retelling. Continue Tina…

This is a true story that happened to me and my sister.

It was scorching hot outside. My sister and I were wearing as little clothing as possible while still trying to look respectable. Gin Blossoms, one of our favorite childhood bands was playing at a local park and we simply could not miss it.

We sat on our beach towels on the grass while the opening acts played, just sipping our cocktails and chatting about how hot the lead singer is in the band that was onstage.

In between acts we went to get another drink. We probably didn’t need them, but hey, we didn’t have to work the next day. Who cares!

Everyone scrambled in a hurry to the stage when Gin Blossoms came out. Drink in hand, I pushed and maneuvered my way to the front and center stage, sister in tow by her hand.

We bounced around with the music and sang at the top of our lungs, probably looking pretty ridiculous, but we didn’t mind at all. I continued sipping my drink and snapped a few pictures.

The lead singer handed me a tambourine. I screamed like a crazy fan girl and shook it all night long, trading off with my sister when my arm got tired.

After the concert I turned to leave and panic overcame me. I couldn’t find my sister. She was right beside me the whole time! Where could she have possible disappeared to? My camera was missing too. What the heck?

A short girl with red frizzy hair was nearby. I didn’t know her, but I was a little drunk and she became my new best friend at that moment. She tried to help me find my sister, but we didn’t have any such luck.

Accepting failure, we took a seat on the curb and just sat there. I was stuck there. I couldn’t find my sister, my ride home.

The next thing I remember we were backstage and, wait a minute… Is that my sister? She was with one of our other friends that I didn’t remember seeing at all. I introduced them to my new friend Katee, but she had to leave so we decided to leave as well.

My sister and I both were completely off our rockers. I sobered up real quick though when I tripped down a stair and fell on my butt. Embarrassing!

I just sat there and hid my face in my arms and silently laughed at myself. I cannot believe I did that. I just made a complete fool out of myself in front of one of my favorite bands from when I was younger. Great!

I awoke the next morning on my couch to an excruciating pain in my ankle. Ouch! Why the heck is my ankle hurting so bad and… OH MY GOD! It’s completely purple! Yea, I can’t move it at all. Fantastic!

My friend had found my camera and returned it to me. I grabbed it off the coffee table and turned it on to look at the pictures I had taken last night.

A few memories from last night came back to me while looking at the pictures, but some were a complete mystery.

Who is that girl with the red frizzy hair and why am I clinging to her arm? I laughed at the picture of me and my sister with the hot guy from the opening band. Too bad I don’t remember the name of the band. Woops!

What is this? There’s a picture of us with the singer from Gin Blossoms? I met the singer from Gin Blossoms and don’t even remember it?! And I’ve got the stupidest smile on my face.

(From left to right) My sister, the singer from Gin Blossoms, me and the frizzy redhead Katee

Oh gosh… completely embarrassing. He probably thinks we are complete retards. I can’t believe I was so drunk that I don’t even remember meeting him, but honestly if I wasn’t drunk I wouldn’t have had the courage to go backstage in the first place.

Alcohol makes you do really stupid things, but boy they can make a hilarious story!

And there you go! An amusing story won’t you say? Has something of this kind ever happened to you?

Anyway, that’s it for today. Check back two days later for an amazing guest post about children and their constant inquisitive questions. Till then have fun and remember… don’t drink and drive! 😛

If you liked Tina’s story and would like to know more about her, head over to this link here to read the interesting conversation/interview I had with Tina a few days back.

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4 thoughts on “How Alcohol Wiped Out My Memory… Almost!

    • This time I will disagree. Alcohol reduces your inhibition and thus you do things you wouldn’t usually do when you are in your perfect senses. And yeah, since you chose to drink it in the first place well the blame rests on you. 😛

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