The Winner Takes It All: Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest

A month back I organized a spin-a-yarn contest on Wattpad called the Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest with two other fellow wattpad users who judged alongside me. To read more about the contest head over to this post here.

But for the lazier ones among you who haven’t headed over to the link yet (yeah, I am talking to you!) the contest was simple. One photographic promt… one paragraph to start the contestants off… and the story needn’t have a definitive end, just one that satisfies the readers without leaving them feeling cheated ( 😛 ).

And the response was impressive for a first-time contest on a site jam-packed with people coming up with different kinds of contests every single day.

Finally, after over a month of anticipation and nail-biting tension (among the contestants) we, the judges, arrived at a decision and chose the winner.

And she is…

…drum roll please…



Tina beat her competitors by over 20 points to become the winner of the Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest. Woo hoo! And that’s pretty damn amazing.

And what did she win?

1. A formal critique on a story of her choice.

2. Votes on all her stories on Wattpad.

3. Comments on first five chapters of all her stories on Wattpad.

…and finally the best for the last.

4. An interview on Spyglassviewer for more exposure. (Oh yeah, you will be hearing more from Tina shortly. And believe me, she was a really interesting person to interview.)

If you wish to read Tina’s winning entry head over to this link:-

My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

A story set in the horror genre, My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend will definitely raise a lot of questions on your mind by the end of it but will no doubt leave you with a dark knowledge of the ultimate outcome.

If you wish to read more written by Tina, check out her wattpad profile TinaT2587.

And now that I have introduced our wonderful winner to you all, it’s time to introduce two more exceptional people who gave her a hard competition.

First up, say hello to our First Runner Up— Kala Wilson (WilsonKala).

To read Kala’s story head over to this link:

Jesus Did

A humorous story, Jesus Did is definitely an interesting read even though it does leave some questions unanswered in the end.

And now finally, our Second Runner Up— Since she hasn’t obliged to give us her name let’s go by her wattpad username Fotogenik.

To read the story submitted by Fotogenik just head over to this link here:

Deceptive Love

An absolutely amazing story, Deceptive Love is packed with suspension and will leave you shocked at the way it ends. Definitely a story you would want to read.

Both our Runner Ups had just 1 point difference between them. Tough competition!

And there you go. I hope you found our winner and runner ups interesting (I did). But now it’s time to end this post. Watch out for an upcoming post about Tina. Believe me, it has a lot more than an interview to offer.

So what do you think? Would you like to participate in a similar contest? If yes, I think I can come up with something. Have you ever won any contest yourself? Do share your thoughts. And till the next time, have fun!

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