Hair Tales

I love short hairstyles. They are easy to maintain, don’t bother you and definitely don’t form a bird’s nest around your neck after you wake up in the morning.

But my love for short hair wasn’t always so…

When I was a kid, I loved long hair. I loved the intricate things you could do with it and especially loved my grandma’s bun that I watched her make with an ease that used to baffle my young mind and inexperienced fingers (not that I can make a bun now).

The elfin princess look. 

But my parents had a weird thing for short hair. Every time  our hair (me and my sister’s) would grow to a considerable length, they would drag the two of us to the nearest hair-cutting salon and get all the wonderful locks shaved off. Oh yeah, shaved off as in leaving us with bald heads shinier than eggs.

Comic strips off the Bald Times. LOL!

(I had specs since I was seven years old.)

We protested and they persisted and the cycle went on till I was ten years old and finally put my foot down and said, “NO!”. My sister followed suit shortly.

Life as a bald-headed eagle wasn’t hard. Nope. No bullying either because in our city kids usually went around with bald heads till they were seven years old or something (although I did have a girl in my class who kept on shaving her head till she was twelve, which is seventh grade to you).

But it was definitely weird having a luscious crop of dark hair on your head one day and then only breeze blowing over your barren top field the next. I used to hate it when my parents forced me to get rid of my hair. And then I realized what a wonderful thing going bald actually was.

Turns out my mom was right when she had said that going bald will make your hair grow bushier than ever. And that’s exactly what happened once I started to grow my hair after I put my foot down on the balding matter. But mom had forgotten to tell me how utterly intolerable the length would get.

India is a warm country and it gets really hot during the summers. In fact it is so hot that it is hard to keep your clothes on at times ( 😛 ). In such a climate imagine having long, bulky hair covering your scalp, accumulating sweat like nobody’s business and then leaving you with an insane urge to grab garden shears and getting rid off it all.

And that’s how I began to love short hairstyles. It let me keep my hair (a compromise with my inner self who wanted to have hair and get rid off it at the same time). And it also kept insanity at bay for a while longer (until I fell in love with writing at twelve).

Don’t ask me why I am writing this post now. Isn’t it obvious that I went for another haircut recently and just had to share the joy and liberation I felt when the hairdresser went snippety-snip?

So what do you prefer? Long hair that falls till your knees and silkily wraps you in its smooth embrace? Or super short and sexy hair? (Mine doesn’t fall in the sexy category unfortunately.)Have you ever done anything amazing with your hair? I always wanted to get my hair braided afro-style just for a day and then have a head full of curly hair when I took out the braids.

Anyway, that’s it about hair for today. I will be back with something awesome next time. Till then have fun.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Tales

  1. I’m Asian and my family prefer their daughter to have long hair, one day when I was 23 I cut my hair short and everyone shocked, they even assumed that I was out of my mind. But it’s been 2 years after that and I still have a short hair since it easy to manage, plus nobody complain…haahaahaa

    • Even here in India, girls think that if you dont have long hair then you must be a tomboy (which I am… 😛 ). Anyway, I love short hair. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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