Finding Gold

A few days back I decided to go through some old diaries that I always lug around with me everywhere but seldom read. Usually such insane decisions strike me during exam time so it’s no biggie. But this time turns out this decision was synonymous to Gregory Peck chancing upon an old Red Indian with a map to a gold mine in Mackenna’s Gold.

And so that day I sat down with my faded red diary filled with ideas and random thoughts that usually strike a writer at odd times in a day and guess what I found. Turns out fifteen year old me was smarter and had filled page after page with details about my story world. From character sketches to places with odd names and traditions, my old diary had it all.

Granted most of what I read made me laugh at the inanity of my younger self but seriously the story development bits were plain brilliant. And I will share my world building with you all bit by bit on some later date because our agenda for today is different.

Among such hilarious and gorgeous discoveries in my diary I chanced upon an old poem I had written around that time. From the tone of the poem, which isn’t serious in the least, I guess I was plain bored and wanted to try something fun. And since nostalgia is the theme for today, let me share this small piece of crazy poetry with you:-

Mind Games

 My teacher is eccentric,

That’s what everyone says,

Under his sleeves he has many riddles,

Which can’t be solved for days.


He asked our class one day,

“Children, who came out first?

The chicken or the egg?”

Causing a frustrated outburst.


Some said, “The egg of course.

How would the chicken come otherwise?”

“But my children without a chicken,

How would an egg come as a surprise?”


We thought of answers,

But ruled them out,

Because omlettes and roasts,

Were all chicken and egg we knew about.


So after many days of pondering and confusion,

Our teacher gave us a solution.

Said he, “My children, a circle has no beginning and neither any end.

Then why do you ponder and try to make it bend?”


And there you go. Even my fifteen year old self is half insane. 😉

So what do you think, was my teacher right? (And another fact: the teacher in the poem is make-belief.) Or do you have another equally bright answer to the riddle? And yeah, evolutionary studies’ students can go on about how a chicken evolved from some prehistoric bird and so came first and all… hey, I am just saying.

So that’s it for today. Come back day after tomorrow for another post from me. Till then have fun. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Finding Gold

    • Wow, great article! And I had just given that prehistoric birds answer in a snap of logic.
      And yeah, I did get my mind blown. 😉

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