The Balancing Act

Before I begin, I have a question for my fellow bloggers— How do you juggle real life and life on the internet?

All I know is that it’s damn hard.

Two weeks I was away from my blog. Two weeks of university exams. Two weeks of 4 hours of sleep and endless cups of coffee each day. Two weeks of no writing, no creativity. That makes it half a month living like a zombie!

I would really like to know how big-time bloggers go about posting stuff on their blogs through sun and through rain, funerals and wild fires. Because frankly, after two weeks when you return and find your stats have hit an all time low because of inactivity you really feel like giving up.

But giving up is for cowards and fools. And since I am neither, let’s get on with it and try to figure out an answer to my dilemma.

Should I write out a bunch of posts before hand and publish them during crunch time?

Or maybe invite guest bloggers to fill in my absence with some sparkling and different posts?

Or maybe I should develop the habit of writing everyday so that when the time comes I don’t need to make stupid excuses.

Help me if you can, because I need to find the key to the balancing act pretty soon. 

See ya all tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. Heya! First, welcome back, long time! 😉

    Second, I feel your pain – I really like blogging since I started, but unfortunately all that stuff like “work” and “responsibilities” seem to get in the way of me writing as much as I want.

    I’ve heard of the strategy of “pre-writing” stuff, but I have never once had time to sit down and crank out a bunch of posts for the future – I’m lucky if I manage to get a post out on the day.

    Finding theme-relevant guest posts has actually helped me a lot in getting through the work-heavy periods where I couldn’t write!

    Regardless, definitely don’t give up – if you build it, they will come…or, something 😉

    • Thanks. 🙂 That helped.
      Guest posts are definitely the perfect solution to such work-heavy times but the problem is you gotta send out requests a long while back otherwise you wouldn’t have enough in stock to schedule. And I am not planning on giving up. What can I say, the world will be grey without me (or at least that’s how it is in my head. 😛 )
      Now all I need to do is leave the exam fever behind and force myself to write otherwise my muse will keep on sleeping.

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