Interactions on Wattpad: Did You Just Say A Contest?

Wattpad is an amazing place for any writer to be. If you don’t know about it yet then I suggest you to head over to this post here and check out why I feel it is so awesome. But for the rest of you who already know what I am talking about, today I have some more interesting things to share about Wattpad.

Wattpad is an amazing place for developing a fan base, interacting with other writers from all over the world, and having tons of fun. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The website is like a fertile ground for creativity. And it harvested my own.

One day I was just exploring some clubs on the site looking for ways to increase my fan base and make some friends when a brilliant idea struck me. An idea to start an internal contest in the clubs.

The next two days I outlined the contest details, rules, prizes etc. etc. and then sent out requests to my two really good friends on Wattpad for judging the contest along with me. They aren’t writers but they are good critiques and so they were my first choices.

And they agreed to be a part of the judging panel. 🙂

Once that was done, I got busy and created a banner for the contest. (The featured image at the beginning of the post is the banner. Cool, huh?)

Yeah, it is called the Spin-an-EPIC-Tale Contest. And that’s because it’s basically a spin-a-yarn on a smaller scale; one photographic prompt would be provided with one paragraph ending in a cliffhanger and the contestant will have to continue the tale from there. Here you go, this was the prompt:-

I wrapped my hands around the steaming cup of coffee before me and sighed. The temperature had dropped since the snowstorm had begun yesterday and it showed no signs of slowing down. I shivered again as I glanced out of my frosted kitchen window… and froze.

I rushed to the window and wiped a circle clean with the sleeve of my sweater. Looking out, I could make out an obscure figure in black, standing still as the storm blew around her. Panic clawed up my throat. She couldn’t be here…

The rules for entering the contest were simple:-

1. Get inspiration from the photograph and continue the tale from the cliffhanger.

2. Finish the story within two Wattpad pages, which is roughly 1500 words or so.

3. The end doesn’t have to be definitive but should satisfy the reader. (On Wattpad this is a good idea since the contestants can continue the story once the contest is over and the winners have been announced.)

I launched the contest in the Wattpad Writer’s Club two weeks back on 21st of May, 2011. And I am glad to say that the response was good with 10 submissions by the end of 4th June, which was the last date for submission.

Now all that’s left to do is collect the scores from the other judges, MyztikalTearz and LivingALife (usernames) and announce the winners within this week. So watch out for more details and a special post on the winner of the contest. And if you know me then know that its going to be a hilarious tete-a-tete.

Till the next time, have fun!

P.S. The posting schedule is going to fluctuate a lot in the next two weeks since my University exams are coming. So I apologize in advance for long absences.


2 thoughts on “Interactions on Wattpad: Did You Just Say A Contest?

  1. Oh no, another networking site to think about 😉 Too many sites, not enough time! But I may give this Wattpad a think for sure, especially when getting back to fiction. Nice job on setting up a contest and looking forward to hear about the winners!

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